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Why Booking Early is Best...

I got calls from a couple of customers this week saying "Wait! Where did my painting go!?" They saw a painting they wanted to paint, but hadn't signed up yet... the next thing they knew it was gone. We post paintings a month out usually, and we sit and wait to see which ones will be a hit and which ones are a miss... if no one has signed up for a class a week before hand, usually, we'll change the painting. Also, if a customer calls wanting a different painting when a class is empty, we'll let them pick a new one. Once ANY seats to a class are booked, the art & time are locked in... as long as it sits empty, it's subject to change. ALSO, we make up our class seating charts based on when your reservations come in... so if you book first, you get those front & center seats. Booking early also helps us best prepare for your event - when we know how many people to expect, it's easier to staff & supply the class in advance. We offer refunds to your credit card up until the day before class, and full store credit up until class time, so you don't have to worry about losing your money. So if you see a class you like - BOOK A SEAT to lock it in. :) Then share the link with your friends and make it a party! Find your next night out here on our calendar: HOPE SEE YOU SOON!

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