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Spring is full of colors!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and how better to celebrate than with all your favorite Spring colors.
So what if the weather has been Winter/Spring/Winter/Spring for weeks. It's always perfect in the studio and the weather here is only limited by your imagination.

We always try to put some of our Spring favorites on the calendar. We have flowers galore! Flowers in jars, flowers on trees, llamas wearing flowers... It's your imagination of course llamas wear flowers, llamas blow bubble gum bubbles....yes, we love llamas!

Here are some of our classes celebrating Spring!

You might not drive a classic pickup to go get your Spring flowers but this painting is sure to inspire you on March 28:

Love the entire season? You can paint this ( April 14) and keep this up, until summer arrives June 21. (Or longer we won't tell!)

And not to leave the kids out, kids love flowers and candy....


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