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Giving the Gift of Encouragement

This year, we at Painting with a Twist - Hammond wish to express our solid belief in "giving the gift of encouragement!" Giving the gift of encouragement to dream is what we do best! We love when someone chooses Painting with a Twist here in Hammond for their fundraisers because it allows us to "give back" to that charity or cause, not just by fund-raising, but by showing that we are conscious and caring of those around us. Giving the gift of love and encouragement into the dreams of others is rewarding for everyone, and it goes a long way... A young woman came into the studio the other day with tears in her eyes and handed us a gift. She said, " it is because of y'all that my dreams are coming to life again." She had let the dream of being a painter go and decided to put that dream away forever, but after a session here at PWAT in Hammond, it is alive again in her heart! She has been painting again for two years now and enjoying the time of her life. She just wanted us to know what a blessing we were to her and what a great thing that we do for the community! She added, "You will never know how much and how many you have blessed and encouraged and the effects of that on the community as a whole. Nicholas Soileau, the owner of PWAT in Hammond,has said, "We are a good thing for this community! Where can you find a place that gives something from the youngest to the oldest, and offers to all people such a beautiful thing to their lives like art!" Yes, we love our town, and as always, we love her people. Let us cherish all and give something back to our community: the gift of encouragement! Thank you, Nina M. Anderson. We wish you all of the success you can handle!

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