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Art Spotlights

Art Is In The Eye of the Beholder -- But What Does That Mean?

You have probably experienced an "I don't see it" moment.  Someone you're with LOVES a sofa, a dress or a house and you're like, "Huh?  What am I missing?"

Well, we're all unique and we all think somewhat differently.  Some of us are analytical.  Some of us go with our gut.



It's the same with art!  There is no right or wrong and beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or perhaps the painter).  But what does this all mean?

We're here to tell you that what you see and perhaps what you don't see can reveal who you are.



Check out the art that YOU and your friends can create inside of our Holmdel studio to see what "illusions" you are capable of creating, accidentally or perhaps on purpose, you sly fox you.

Want to see another artful illusion? This one will blow your mind!


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