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Why book a Painting Party?

Book a private party with us! What a great idea!

Birthday parties!  Office parties!  Holiday parties!  Bachelorette parties!

Why book a party at Painting With A Twist?

Here are three good reasons:

1)  It's a fun, different idea!  What a great way to spend time with a group of people -- your co-workers, your friends, your family.  And everybody leaves with their own original art.  How great is that?

2)  You'll get your own private studio and your own private instructor. It's a Premier Painting Experience!

3)  You can pick your painting. You pick your time and day. We'll send you an e-mail link to our entire gallery.  We've got more than 10,000 pieces to choose from, in a wide variety of categories, including (but certainly not limited to) Florida art, seasonal art, children's art, landscapes and abstracts.  We even have more than 100 couples paintings.  Each person paints half of the picture on their own 16 x 20 canvas, and the two pictures are combined to create one great work of art.


The minimum number of painters for Private Parties: 

Friday or Saturday (After 6pm) 25

ANY other day or time: 10


  • 16x20 Canvas (2 hour painting): $42 per painter *****MOST POPULAR*****
  • 12x12 Gallery-Wrapped Canvas (2 hour painting): $40 per painter
  • 10x30 Canvas (2 hour painting): $44 per painter
  • Wooden Shiplap Pallet (2 hour painting): $44 per painter
  • Wood Plank Board (2 hour painting): $50 per painter
  • 10.5x47 Porch Leaner (2 hour painting): $63 per painter
  • $32 for a 1.5 hour kids class (ages 7-12)

And of course, you're welcome to bring as much food and beverage as you want.  We'll provide cups and bottle openers.

A valid credit or debit card number is required to book your party.  Your card number will be held until the date of your party and not charged unless you do not have the minimum number of painters required.  In that event, we will charge your credit card the amount necessary to make up for the shortage of painters.  A $150 cancellation fee will be charged if the party is canceled less than 7 days before its scheduled date.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Call (or text) us at 863-646-0238, or send us an e-mail at


5 or more guests and want to CHOOSE the painting for a public event on a weeknight? Contact us to plan a Public Party! YOU PICK the artwork, others join the FUN! Contact us for More Info!  

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