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5 Ways to Celebrate 2020 Graduates with restrictions

Just because we are "stuck" in Quarantine, or with the results of just coming out of Quarantine (limited seating/availability of things, social distancing etc), doesn't mean that we still can't celebrate our 2020 Graduates and all of their hard work!  No matter if your Grad graduated Kindergarten, the 8th grade or the two biggies, High School and College...this year's graduates worked the hardest to get their diplomas and move forward.  Now it's time to celebrate those accomplishments!  Here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Online Wish List  Just because your party may be smaller, more intimate or hey in some places non-existant (being real here), that doesn't mean your grad doesn't deserve to be recognized and receive a gift!  Have them create online wish lists at all of their favorite stores.  Send it out to friends and family and watch the rewards come in!  Host a FB Live or ZOOM party to open the gifts and share some virtual cake...yum!
  2. DIY Graduation Pics   Get your grad all dressed up in that cap and gown, grab your camera or phone and head to the hot spots and get some pics!  Why not get some graduation pictures at the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, Wonderworks Upside House, at the Beach (of course), in front of your favorite putt putt course, restaurant or at Brook Green Gardens?
  3. Yearbook Signing Station  A right of passage for all Seniors, and a way to say goodbye of course is the traditional end of year Yearbook signing.  Why not buy some customized pens with your grads name or the school colors?  Put the yearbook and pens on a table outside of your house, post on FB/IG/Twitter and other social media channels and go around to each other's houses and sign away!  Remember 6 feet apart while you wait in line!
  4. In Studio Painting Party at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach  Host a private painting party in studio at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach.  With a minimum of 5 guests to a current maximum of 10, social distancing and all safety and sanitization protocol being applied what could be better.  Grab a few of your grads friends or family, have your grad pick the painting.  Bring some snacks and beverage and we will party away with you!
  5. Virtual Painting Party  Want more than 10 guests OR not quite ready to be in public yet?  No problem!  Have a virtual painting party with Painting with a Twist as your host.  Invite as many guests as you want, choose your painting, pick up the painting kits from Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach (out of town guests can pick up from their local Painting with a Twist studio), we wills send you a ZOOM link and it's time to pARTy!  Set up your event in your house, back yard or driveway...wherever everyone fits!

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