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Creative Techniques

Our Art, Your Choice!

There is always room for art. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the area. From the tiniest of nooks to the largest rooms. Art makes a space personal—even more so when it’s something you have made yourself.

This is just one of the reasons we are so happy to announce our paintings are now available in so many new sizes, shapes and surfaces. Our wood pallet and screen art can look either rustic or be a new twist on a classic look. Three sizes of canvases are sure to fit that blank bit of wall you’ve been wanting to fill.

For those wanting a more polished look we now offer framed canvases, matching walls with other framed art. Painted canvas edges work well in some rooms but, for others a framed look seems to match a room better.

Most of all, we don’t take anything too seriously. BYOB and enjoy your time. While all our art is taught a specific way at Painting with a Twist, we always encourage you to make it yours! We’ll show you our way, but love to see your personal take. The sky in the painting is blue? Make it purple! We’ll give you the paint and teach you how to find that shade that's yout favorite color or that you think will best match the other the room.

Don’t see the artwork you love on the calendar this month? A new calendar comes out every month.

Or, grab 10 of your friends and have a private party where you pick the art and the media.

Products include:
Canvas: 12"x12" $35, 16"x20" $37, 10"x30" $39,
Framed Canvas:16"x20"
Wood: Plank Board 10.5"x26" $45,
Pallet/Shiplap $37
Screen Art: 16"x20" $45

Examples of Pick your Product art for this month are Simply Hydrangeas Choose your surface and A Pink Bouquet Pallet.


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