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Check out our products included in our Twist at Home Kits! Orders may be made via that link or by clicking on one of our products below and adding your requested in the notes. Kits can be picked up Wednesdays & Thursdays 12-1pm.

16X20 PARTY PACK 10-Pack ($50 discount!)


16X20 PARTY PACK 10-Pack w/ EASELS ($50 discount!)


Local Delivery


16x20 PARTY PACK 6-Pack ($37 discount!)


16x20 PARTY PACK 6-Pack with Easels($42 discount!)


16x20 COUPLES SET Canvas Painting Kit


16x20 COUPLES SET Canvas Painting Kit with EASELS


16x20 Canvas Twist at Home Kit


16x20 Canvas Twist at Home Kit with EASEL


Party 10-Pack 16x20 kits SHIPPED (Allow 10 days)


16x20 SINGLE Wood Board Twist at Home Kit




Cardboard Easel


Stemless Wine Glass with Twist Logo (Set of 2)


10x30 Canvas Kit


10x30 PARTY PACK 6-Pack ($40 discount!)




10.5x26 Wood Plank Board Kit


COUPLES SET 10.5x26 Wood Board Kit


10.5x47 Wood Porch Leaner


18 inch Wood Shiplap Painting Kit


Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

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