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Welcome to our NEW Online Store! Choose from one or multiple surfaces to Twist at Home! PLEASE NOTE: PAINTING SETS REQUIRE THE PURCHASE OF 2 KITS.

4 FT Porch Leaner w/ Brushes


4 FT Porch Leaner WITHOUT Brushes


12x12 Square Canvas w/ Brushes


12x12 Square Canvas WITHOUT Brushes


Standard 16x20 Canvas w/ Brushes


Standard 16x20 Canvas WITHOUT Brushes


Wood Shiplap Pallet w/ Brushes


Wood Shiplap Pallet WITHOUT Brushes


1. Complete Party! 10 Pack! 16x20 Canvas


1. Complete Party! 5 pack! 16x20 Canvas!


16x20 Wood Board w/Brushes


16x20 Wood Board WITHOUT Brushes


16x20 Framed Canvas w/Brushes


16x20 Framed Canvas WITHOUT Brushes


BIG Canvas! 24x36 Canvas WITHOUT Brushes


BIG Canvas! 24x36 Canvas w/Brushes


Brush Set of 2


Cardboard Easel




Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

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