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Lucky’s Market in Sarasota August 1st

We’re partnering with Lucky’s Market in Sarasota to bring paint and sip to their Cafe. The price is the same as coming to the studio but you’ll have the option of purchasing beer and wine at a very low price! Check out our calendar and register now so you don’t miss the FUN. Seats are limited to 30. Oh and we almost forgot to mention that Lucky’s will put out a cheese platter for you to enjoy and you can order from the Cafe Menu if you’d like!

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Theme Night Coming Up Soon!

We're calling all Wizards! Come have fun with Chris as we paint themed art for all our Harry fans. We'll be doing some trivia and games during the painting. Check out the calendar in July and come join us!

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Family Time!

We have kid's paintings on our calendar throughout the summer months and will be adding more. You can always call us to request a painting too! Pizza and Paint nights have become very popular. We have these at least once a month so families can paint different paintings while enjoying some dinner on us! What a great way to relax and bond with your kids. Check out our calendar and call with any questions. We hope to see you and your kids this summer!

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Summer Fun!

What are your kids doing during the summer? Do you want to drop them off for a few hours of fun with us? Check out our calendar for kid's paintings. If you see Open Studio on the calendar it means the kids can all be painting different things with the assistance of an artist. Creativity at its best! It's also fun to follow along with an artist! We hope you join us soon.

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Marvel Comics, Avengers and Disney!

What a cool partnership we have going with Disney with the release of the DVD of Captain Marvel! Check out our calendar for a couple limited time paintings created by some talented artists in the PWAT system and approved by Disney. Call for more information on hosting a private party featuring these paintings between May 17th and June 17th. How fun would that be!! Call for more info. 941-822-0357 

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Pizza and Paint Night

Are you looking for some family fun? We have pizza and paint night at least once a month. You can bring the family in, choose between 4 different paintings, work somewhat independently with artists on the floor, and enjoy dinner on us! You can also bring adult beverages to sip while you're painting. No kids, no worries, any age can join in on the FUN!

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Mother’s Day is coming

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Have you decided what you’re doing to honor that special lady in your life? It’s always at sellout day in the studio with lots of celebrating going on! We’ve got paintings on for all ages and likes! Please join  in on the FUN!

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Disney's Partnership with PWAT

Disney has partnered again with their The Little Mermaid movie. We have a few mermaid painting selections that are limited use. After the first week of March we can no longer offer these paintings. Don't miss out! Call if you have any questions about which paintings are limited. We love The Little Mermaid and Disney!

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3 Bridges Brewing and Off The Wagon in Venice

Almost every month we have the pleasure of bringing the "show on the road" to my hometown of Venice. We love the folks and the beer at 3 Bridges Brewing! They have some of the best IPA beer I've tasted right here in the sleepy little town of Venice. If you haven't painted with us in the Brewery yet, please consider joining us. Sierra is frequently the artist and she is so funny and talented. If you like a dry sense of humor, she's your girl. Good ffod and beer, cool paintings and lots of laughs. Hope to see you there one of these months! Sheri

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Black Friday Deal

Come to the studio between 10am and 2pm, purchase a $35 gift card and receive $25 in a comped certificate. Also, paint Dream Vacation Friday evening 2 for $50. 

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Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately, all of us know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease. Many have lost beautiful women and men. While much progress has been made in early detection, treatment and prevention there is still much more to do. PWAT, franchise wide, partners with Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research to help raise funds each year. Yesterday was Sarasota's 6th year for this event. We had fun, gave away Vera totes, gift certificates to Molly's Chic Boutique and our own studio all while raising money for this critical research. Together we make a difference! Thanks to all who came out to pARTy with us!

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A FUN night out for Families

It's so hard coming home from work with the kids in tow and then realizing you have to think about dinner. Let PWAT help you out! We're holding a Pizza and Paint night for Families twice a month. You'll have from 4 to 5 choices of things to paint so you all aren't painting the same thing if you don't want to. Our talented artists are here to help guide you through the painting while you're eating dinner on us! That's right, the pizza is included at no additional cost! You can even bring wine with you. So far it's been a big hit with our customers. View our full calendar for and plan your family night out!

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Gallery Walls

In a conversation recently with a friend I was surprised to learn that she hadn't heard the term "gallery wall". We've done the bland a picture here and a picture there for so long and that's what she has over her couch. We started talking about things to pair together and she didn't see how it would look good until we looked at some ideas. With some of the different size canvases and surfaces we now paint on you can create a pretty unique gallery wall of your artwork! Check out our calendar and start planning you wall today.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Do you know a breast cancer survivor? Most of us do, unfortunately. We've all been doing what we can to save the ta-ta's! PWAT has been partnering with Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer for years. We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. There's still more to be done! Please sign up and join us on Sunday, October 14th to come have fun, have a chance to win some great Vera Bradley bags, go home with a Vera Tote and some other goodies all while raising money for research. We can do this together!

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