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Painting with a Twist FAQ

Pour a glass of wine (or fresh tap water) & enjoy these pearls of knowledge:

How much does this cost & what does it get me?

Well let's just jump in there! ALL of our classes include everything you need to create your masterpiece (16x24" canvas, paint, brushes, apron to wear) and enough pats on the back to get you through it. 

Some kids classes are $27 per painter (2 hour class)

$37 per painter adult 2 hour class

$47 per painter adult 3 hour class

$55 per painter adult customized class (Paint your own Pet, Paint your own House, etc)

Do I have to have a big group to come?

Nope. You can come alone OR with any number of friends to any of the "open" classes you see on the calendar (click the Calendar tab). You'll know it's an open class if you can see a painting for the event. Those classes that have titles are private parties, and unless you want to become the next star of "Bachelorette Party Crashers", you cannot attend those unless you're invited.  

What if I want to come with a big group?

Then chances are you have more friends than I do! Big groups are WELCOMED in our open classes, but with a minimum of 12 painters, you can have your own private party! 

How do the private parties work? Like, what's the catch?

Glad you asked!!! Our private parties work exactly the same as our open classes (step by step instruction, can bring in food / drinks, awesomeness all around). The only catch is that there's a minimum amount of painters needed. A deposit of number of spots needs to be paid at the time of booking, but if that's impossible then we're sweet enough to pencil it in our calendar for 24 hours to give you a little time to make your deposit. You'll be sent both a contract to approve as well as a Private Party Management Link which will give you access to choose your painting, make invitations, and keep track of reservations. 

What kind of voodoo is this? I can't even draw a stick figure and you want me to paint Van Gogh?

We can't give away TOO many secrets, but just know we have some tricks up our sleeve. The paintings are taught step by step by real life super heroes / talented local artists who have heard every single reason why you CAN'T do it -- and they're ready to show you you CAN do it! 

When do you have classes?

Most of our classes are in the evenings and all weekend long but we're game for any time! 

Can I request a painting for an upcoming calendar?

You betcha!! Just email us at and be as specific as you can!

If all my friends are getting together at a certain time but I don't like the painting they chose, can I do something else?

You betcha! Our super hero / artist extraordinaire will be busy teaching the selected painting step by step but if you wanna go rogue & do your own thing, that's GREAT with us!!

Why are some painitngs started off with a sketch and sometimes it's just a blank canvas?

Rememeber those tricks up our sleeve we were talking about above?? This is 1 of them! Drawing and painting are different animals & we don't have a big ol' chunk of time to teach everyone to draw out the paintings (but let's face it - slinging paint is way more fun anyway!!) so with our paintings that are landscapes, nature scenes, and other not so technical shapes, we show you how to create them step by step. If the painting involves a shape that has to look the same on both sides (crosses & fleur-de-lis for example), we go ahead & sketch those out for you, or at least give ou a starting point. 

The WHOLE point is for you to relax & have a blast, so if we hand you a sketched canvas & you don't want a sketch we'll gladly give you a blank canvas; if we hand you a blank canvas and you hyperventilate, we'll throw a sketch on there for you - no big deal! 

Where you at?

Our studio is in the same shopping center as World Gym, Basic Foods, McKenzie's Pub at the corner of Dowlen & Phelan (the other side of Dowlen as the mall). We're between Farmer's Insurance and McKenzie's, looking at Third Coast Bank. 

How do I reach you?

When we're not tanning our buns in the Bahamas or skiiing the bunny slopes in Aspen, we're sitting behind the computer next to the phone (409-866-0399) / --- give us a shout!!

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