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July 2019 - Newsletter

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If you ended up here we appreciate that you checked out our newsletter for July.

As a special thank you the discount code for any regular priced party ($35.00 or more) in the month of July.

Type the word FIVE in the "gift card/discount code" section found on the reservation page in the payment options.  

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World Backup Day serves as a very important reminder to secure vital files, by making a back up copy.

In today's world, nearly everything is on an electronic file stored in your cell phone or computer. At the same time, life is so busy and fast paced, that many of us do not take the time to back up our files. Just imagine how you'd feel, if you do not have those precious photos stored in a back up file or up in The Cloud. If you don't back up those important files and documents on your computer, a system crash, can cause you many hours in re-creating them. And, when it comes to photos, you just can't recreate them.

So, this special day encourages us to stop and back up all of our files. Yes, do it now. It only takes a few minutes.

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WEED APPRECIATION DAY (not what you are thinking)

Image result for weed appreciation day

Today is Weed Appreciation Day, a day to go out and hug the common weeds found in your lawn or garden. Why appreciate weeds, you ask? What possible good can they be? Read on...........

Definition of a Weed: A weed is any plant that is not in a place where you want it to be. Even edible, medicinal, herbal plants, and even flowers, are considered weeds to those who don't want them where they pop up.

For example:

  • Flowers can make their way into you vegetable garden, where you pull them out, like any other weed.
  • Even a common flower, vegetable or herb would be considered a weed, in the cracks of your driveway or sidewalk.
  • No one but a child considers dandelions in the lawn, to be anything other than a weed.
  • I do not know a single person who likes ragweed in any way, shape or form.
  • Queen Anne's Lace is a popular flower in English gardens. In the USA however, it is considered an invasive weed.
  • Has anyone found a use for Tumbleweed?


Now, consider the reverse.....

  • Imagine you are lost in the woods for days with no food or water. You come upon purslane, an otherwise common and pesky weed in the vegetable garden. This leafy, nutritious green, is quite edible, and may help to save your life.
  • If you love your salad greens, then the tender inner leaves of dandelion plants belong in your fresh garden salad. It does not belong in your lawn. It may belong in your garden as a salad green.
  • Dandelions are certainly not a weed, if you are a vintner and want to make dandelion wine.
  • Weeds offer food and shelter to birds and wildlife.
  • Many weeds produce an attractive flower.
  • Some weeds offer actual or potential medicinal value. Imagine if an obnoxious weed in your flower garden, is someday identified as a cure for cancer or the common cold.

Common weeds do offer some benefits. They provide the very oxygen that you breathe. Weeds take in the carbon dioxide that you exhale. Many weeds offer food and shelter for birds and wildlife.

Take some time today, to hug your weeds, water your weeds, fertilize your weeds, or whatever you prefer to do to enjoy your weeds.

We hope you and your weeds have a very happy Weed Appreciation Day!

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Image result for NATIONAL JOE DAY

National Joe Day is a chance to change your name, if only for today.

Many people do not like their given name. They wish they could change it. A few actually do. On National Joe Day, it is perfectly okay to have everyone call your "Joe". Why Joe, and not Bob or Mike or Radcliffe? Simply, because everyone likes the name Joe. If you are called Joe today, we know that you're "Joe cool"!

This works well for the men out there. What about the ladies? We suggest you choose Josephine or Jody.

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Image result for NATIONAL GOOF OFF DAY

Now here's a day that just about everybody can relax and enjoy. It's a day to do anything and everything.....except what you're supposed to do today.

Assuming you won't get in trouble at work or school, go ahead and play some golf, or play games all day. Spend extra time surfing the net. Go out and spend the day window shopping with your favorite friend. Or, just read sit down and read a book or watch Tv. This day is set aside for you to do anything you enjoy doing.

A few years ago, a survey was performed to identify the most popular activity for goofing off. The top activity was playing video games. Who conducted the survey? surprise. It kinda makes you wonder just who might have had the brainstorm to create this day......hmmmm. Nowadays, the most popular Goof Off Day activity is likely playing games on the internet, or on our Smart Phones.

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Corn Beef and Cabbage Day

Image result for corn beef and cabbage

Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe

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Image result for PANIC DAY IMAGE

Try to stay calm. Take a deep breath. For today is Panic Day. Can you handle today? Good, we were worried for a moment. Hopefully, everything is going just swell in your life, and you have no need for this day. But, if problems and troubles are looming, try to hold off hitting the panic button until this day arrives. Don't worry. Don't fret. and, above all, don't panic. However, if ever there was a day to panic, today is that day. As you get through this unsettling day, you have another day to worry about......

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Image result for purim images

Purim is a two day event beginning at sundown on the fourteenth day of Adar, the twelve month of the Jewish calendar.

Every race and religion has their solemn and their festive holidays. Purim is the most festive of the Jewish Holidays. Children dress in costumes and people give gifts. Usually solemn synagogues are turned into festive arenas. Children shake noise makers called "Graggers".

The festive holiday centers around Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus (or Achashverosh), Mordecahi and Haman. The event took place in the Persian Empire in the fifth century, B.C. It is a celebration of a major victory against oppression of the Jews at that time.

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2019 Working Women's Survival Show

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, crowd and text

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Related image

Spouse's Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half. You can use this day as a prelude or warm up to Valentine's Day, perhaps. But, its not as much of a gift giving event. Rather, use it as a time to show your spouse that you care and appreciate all of the things that he/she does for you and for the household. Over the long years of a relationship, its easy to take for granted the many things your spouse does. He/she's always there. They do so many big and little things as a routine event. So, take today to notice and to say thanks. As for the "enjoyment" part of the day...we will leave that up to you to enjoy your spouse however the two of your desire....

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Image result for layered chocolate cake image

Layered Chocolate and Salted Carmel Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? Now we have a reason to celebrate!

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Gramma C's Barbeque Ground Beef (Sloppy Joe's) Recipe

Image result for sloppy joe images

Description: This is a very, very old family recipe handed down from Great Great Gramma C. Today, you'd call it Sloppy Joe's.



  • 1 pound ground beef

  • 1 medium onion, chopped

  • 1/4 cup green pepper, chopped

  • 3 stalks celery, chopped

  • 3/4 cup ketchup

  • 3 tablespoons vinegar

  • 3 tablespoons, sugar

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons mustard

  • 1/2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce

  • salt and pepper - to taste


Barbeque Ground Beef Preparation Directions:

  1. Brown ground beef and onions in a skillet. Drain.

  2. Add all remaining ingredients and mix together.

  3. Simmer for 30-40 minutes., stirring occasionally.

  4. Serve hot on a hamburger roll.

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Did you get an Air Fryer for the holidays?

We did thank goodness we found this!


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Having a blast with our friend Kim Hudson and Fox2Now

We had so much fun meeting with Kim and the crew at Fox2Now! We were nervous at first, but left feeling like movie stars. Feel free to stop in for an autograph, lol, we are kidding, but take a minute to watch the video and get pumped about the fantasticness that all the metro studios are offering this holdiday season! See you soon!

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Have a blast starting off the holiday season.

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This Taco Soup is amazing!!!!

Holiday Cottage Recipe's

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Brentwood has a sister studio in St. Peters, MO

St Peters studio store front

This is the most exciting thing that has happened since we opened our doors nearly 2 years ago (can you believe its been almost 2 years?). The Brentwood Blvd location gained a sister studio in St Peters, MO on October 1, 2018. Zac our friendly bartender has taken on the task of studio manager, but don't worry ladies he will still bartend here too, and Ashley is his right hand as the assistant manager and lead artist. You can now use your store credit from us at St. Peters or St. Peters store credits here. We invite you to check both of our studios out. You will see some new faces and still find the ones that you love the most. St. Peters allows us to host private parties with smaller minimums, alternative times, different surfaces (ie: wine glasses, Rebecca Flott Screen Art, and Wooden Pallets along with multiple canvas sizes. You can request any of our artists at either of our studios they will be happy to see you. St. Peters is a BYOB Only studio they do not have a bar, so that allows you to enjoy sipping and painting at your leisure. Their Sunday parties are no alcohol they will specialize in kids classes, coffee and canvas and family fun. We hope you will check us out at 5837 Suemandy Drive in St Peters it's right at the end of 370 off of Mid Rivers Drive, and give Zac or Ashley a call at the studio 636-851-9463 from 12pm-6pm just to say hi! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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