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Denver, CO - Lakewood Painting with a Twist Blog

Quotes to Live By

A to Zen in Life

What is it about looking at a list of words to live by that restores our faith in ourselves and what we are doing? Is it just taking a minute to concentrate on the words? Does it move our focus from the problem of the day? Do we concentrate on one good thing? Do we realize how easy it is to look at that bright shiny side of life? Yes. No matter what you have to do to keep your head in the good place, do it.  Grab that book you keep wanting to dive into.  Have a crafty night out ... Read More


Pick YOUR Product

What does pick your product mean? Choosing your surface for your class. Canvas or shiplap pallet? Plank board? It's all here and you get to be creative. Clink on any class in our calendar and then click the arrow links next to the art displayed to see the different surfaces offered. It's just that easy.

More Christmas Nightmare! Sign up for this Sunday afternoon here  

Is there a painting on our calendar you just LOVE? But unfortunately it's on that night that you already have that thing? Join our Open Studio class on the 1st Saturday of the month 2-4pm! With Open Studio you can pick ANY painting and we'll have artists here to help you make your painting perfect!

Celebrate the opening of the 4th Toy Story movie this Friday at Happy Hour class

Real Wood art is all the rage these days, and we have brought it on just for you! This art is made with real wood planks and are light weight, durable and no assembly required! You can hang it indoors or OUT! Enjoy a step by step, absolutely no experience necessary, FUN art class lead by the most awesome and talented artists in town!

Delicious Recipes

Pink Lemonade Moscato

1 bottle of Pink Moscato Champagne 1 two liter of Strawberry lemonade soda fresh lemons sugar Instructions In a gallon pitcher, mix the entire bottle of champagne with half the bottle of pink lemonade. Stir. Rim each glass with sugar. Top with fresh lemons. Serve cold!


Fall is almost here!

With fall right around the corner we've got just the right paintings for you to spruce up your decor! From pumpkins to flowers on wood pallets, canvases, and more there is sure to be a style perfect for you!

This weekend on August 18th we'll be painting the super cute "Goro Goro Panda" from 10am to 12pm! Plus don't miss the our Family class for just $25 on Sunday August 19th at 2pm for Mommy and Me Unicorn Set!

Friday August, 3rd we're featuring a brand new painting, "Moon Blooms"! Painted on a fun 10x30 canvas too! PLUS: Get one free Blue Moon beer with the class!

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