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We Paint Your Pet Custom Pet Portraits

Have one of our professional artists Paint Your Pet's Custom Portrait! 


We can paint any type of pet! Just submit a picture of your baby, and within two weeks we will have your little (or big) one painted in the style and canvas of your choice. 

Custom Pet Portrait                  Custom Pet Portrait                    Custom Pet Painting


You may choose from a 12” x 12” deep set square canvas or a 16” x 20” canvas.  


Please make sure the picture meets the following requirements:

- Only 1 pet per canvas.

- Sharp contrast (if your pet is black make sure he is not surrounded by a black background)

- Not blurry

- Visible eyes & nose

- Mugshot style works best

- Good pixel quality image (i.e. not tiny!)


Your artist will contact you to confirm all details before creating your portrait.


Make a great gift for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Pet Birthday and Pet "Gotcha" Days!


Please go the to the We Paint Your Pet  product page to complete your order.  Please email a picture of the pet you wish to paint, canvas and style choice to






Please call or text us at (720) 508-3645 or email us at with any questions.


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