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Friendswood, TX Painting with a Twist Blog


Christmas in July!

Who can feel less than joy when it comes to celebrating the holidays?!! Just in time for the PERFECT pick-me-up, we have the ENTIRE third week in July dedicated to the good vibes of Christmas! Bring in your favorite holiday-inspired drinks and snacks, enjoy creating Christmas FUN with friend's or family AND our amazing artist's! Don't wait to get in on this ONE week only event--especially since our seating is limited due to social distancing requirements!

Hey Twisters! If you're looking for an awesome and SAFE way to create without having to venture out into social settings--we have the PERFECT at-home experience! We're one of the few studios in our area to be able to offer 30 adult painting kits and 20 kiddo kits, to choose as a home get-together for family or friends to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! These kits come with sanitized easels, clean water cups, brushes, napkins, paper plates and paper towels, a canvas, disposable aprons and ... Read More

We have a FUN 1 pm kid's class set for your kiddo's day off from school, so make plans NOW to either drop off or sit in with your kiddo's for a creative painting afternoon! Feel free to bring in your own snacks and kid-friendly drinks for the super cute Blossoms and Bird Tree! If your kiddo wants any different colors, just use the reservation notes to let us know what color you'd like to sub for the original color! Such a fun, family friendly way to spend some time together!

Starting this coming February, we are happy to be able to offer ONE weeknight between Monday - Thursday for a DOUBLE paint points class! Those of you who have already joined our Rewards Paint Points Program know that this program allows folks to rack up points--which translate into $$$ saved on future classes! The Paint Points Program is Painting with a Twist’s membership program that lets you earn rewards points with every purchase. Paint Points members earn 100 points for every $1 spent, whic ... Read More

We have an EXCITING offer for our private party hosts planning a larger than 12 painter private party AND it's something that goes with a 2020 theme, too!! I'd love to write more, but so this idea is kept unique to our Friendswood location, you'll need to call me at 832-569-2339! I will say that it's an offer that has to do with offering FREE seats!! Get in on the FUN and an AWESOME deal NOW!

Now that Christmas is behind us, the next BIG celebration will be for Valentine's Day! We'll have something for everyone for the first two weeks of February, but you'll want to start planning for your special occasion NOW! Look for ADORABLE Mommy or Daddy and kiddo classes, fun Teen classes, Date Night Couple's Classes or a Galentine's night out with friend's! Check out our February calendar coming up SOON! You still have time to get in your VIP Requests for small group Valentine's FUN, too. For ... Read More

Soon the Christmas holiday season will be here, and with weekends usually being requested most, it would be a great idea to get your private party request in NOW! If you're not sure that you can commit to a private party, and you have at least 6 people, you can also put in a request for a VIP Open class! Now is the PERFECT time to give us a call or email us for more party info! We will do our best to accommodate your requests and provide you with the BEST class experience, too! Give us a call at ... Read More

If you're not sure if you can meet the 12-painter required minimum for a Private Party, the next BEST type of class is an Open Vip Request class! Here are the benefits of putting together a VIP class--no contract required, you still select the painting, time, date, and you only need 6 painter's to request this class vs. 12! Depending on the date selected being available, it's still a FUN opportunity to get your friends together for a great way to create new memories and fantastic paintings! Just ... Read More

We have EXCITING new classes coming up in September with the addition of classes that allow YOU to choose your surface! When you check out our September calendar, you'll notice that these SPECIAL classes offer a wood OR canvas surface and I've added a calendar message above each of these classes to help you locate them! Something else really COOL--depending on availability of products, if you decide to switch the product and pay the difference at the studio when you check-in--not a problem! We'r ... Read More

Now that school is gearing back up again, that means Moms and Dads deserve some FUN of their own! Check out our popular side-by-side couple's classes for a great date night or any of our gorgeous rustic-themed paintings for a Girl's Night! If your other half is a football fan, our big screen tv's will be playing the games during our classes, so no excuse to not come on out with your favorite drinks and snacks for something FUN for everyone!

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