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Creating is a Form of Relaxation!

There is nothing more relaxing to many people than creating! My father was an amazing man with many talents...he was a mechanic in the Army and could most anything to fix a car! He also loved to create with wood and paint! He had an awesome woodworking area in his garage, where you could find multiple projects that he was working on for customers or family! He had a real gift for transforming the wood into a whimsical child's step ladder, holiday sculptural outdoor decor or small little knick-knacks of animals! I like to think that that creativity got passed down to me as I've been drawing ever since I can remember! Drawing, and eventually painting, took me away from my usual busy routine and eased daily stresses! While I was an Art teacher, I would remind my students that they may not consider themselves much of an artist or an artist at all--but every morning that they got up and got dressed, they were matching colors, patterns, designs, etc.! Each time a young woman applies some makeup, your creativity is being used! Their skateboards, backpacks, etc. are all chosen for the colors and designs on these products! Think about that the next time you're wondering if you should join us at Painting With a Twist--listen to your creative voice and grab a friend, some drinks and snacks and make that reservation!

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