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Book a Painting Party

Complete the form below and we will respond ASAP. You can also text PARTY to (832) 569-2339. You can also text PARTY to (832) 569-2339

BOTH our main and small studio requires a minimum of 10 (Due to Covid19), and with social distancing, we've lowered our usual required minimum of painter's from 12 to now 10 seats required. no deposit is required and availability is subject to change quickly.  Email us at or call us at 832-569-2339 to start planning your party TODAY! All private party's please enter the required minimum of 10 for your guest count, even if you think you'll have less--there are other options available for folks who have less than the required 10-seat minimum.  If less than 10 is written in the box for number of painter's, I'll contact the host to explore the other options to a private event. Please use the message box below to let us know what topics or categories of paintings you'd like for painting examples you're interested in viewing and I will send you the links to view the paintings! (Links are only sent to folks who have a 10-seat required minimum). Additionally, we require all payments be made by no later than 4 days prior to the event so as to allow for all prep work to be completed. 

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