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Come Join Us for a Paint Pour Event!!!

Here in Gilbert, Painting with a Twist is offering a new and exciting series of classes- Paint Pours! Paint pouring is a super fun and simple technique where you mix acrylic paint with a liquid medium and then pour it onto a canvas, allowing gravity (and maybe a little tilting) to create beautifully natural flowing patterns with incredible texture! Paint pour classes are only an hour and a half, and don't require any actual painting, so they make a great option if you're looking for something more laid back than our regular classes. You're also able to chose whatever colors you want, and our artists will be there to help you mix the shades of your dreams (you can even throw in some glitter too)! We have loads of techniques we can help you with whether you want your paint pour to look more like a feather or a geode or a flowing river, and we even offer these classes in blacklight which means your creation will glow in the dark! Everyone also gets 2 canvases to create on, so what are you waiting for? Come on down with your favorite food and drinks and join us in our studio for a paint pour this fall! 

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