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Painting with a Twist FAQ

How does the wine education work?

We serve a total of 10 ounces throughout a 2-hour class and 12 ounces in a 3-hour class.  We have a variety of wines for you to sample. The education is simple, like our art instruction.  We thoroughly enjoy introducing people to different types of wines they wouldn't usually taste (sweet, red, dry, etc.). Tastings are optional and are $5 at the door for those wanting to participate.

Can I come to a wine education class if I am under 21 but don't drink?

Unfortunately, due to Utah's liquor laws, those under the age of 21 cannot come to our wine education classes, regardless of their participation in the tasting. The only exception to this is if you book a private party with us, in which case, those under 21 can attend the private party even if alcohol is served as long as they aren't drinking.

Is your studio BYOB? Can I bring my own bottle of wine?

Our liquor license does not allow outside alcohol from being brought into our public classes. Private parties are an exception - you are invited to bring your own alcoholic beverages to a private party.

How do I view your gallery?

We only provide the link to the online gallery of over 5,000 paintings once we get a signed private party contract back from you.  You are always welcome to come to the studio during our business hours to view the gallery or visit our Facebook page to see classes we have done in the past!

You had a painting in the past that I really loved; will you be painting it again in the future?

The best way to paint a specific painting from our gallery is to come to one of our Open Studio classes! In Open Studio classes, you are invited to choose any regular canvas painting from our gallery! We hold both 2-hour Open Studios, as well as Kids Open Studios for our 1.5 hour paintings. We hold them regularly throughout the month.

Can I bring non-alcoholic drinks to public classes? Or food?

We invite you to bring any non-alcoholic drinks you'd like, as well as snacks to nibble on throughout the class time. There will be limited time for eating, so we suggest easy-to-eat finger foods and treats. We only ask that you be sensitive to others in your food choices and keep strong-smelling foods at home. We also offer cold beverages and snacks in our studio for additional cost.

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