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Thank you for visiting our online retail shop! To order a Twist at Home painting kit, please follow this link

Ordering an apron or easel? Both can be an add-on to your Twist at Home painting kit or by themselves. 


Kristy & Walter Stricker, Owners

Painting Kit 16x20 Canvas


Painting Kit 10.5x26 Pine Wood Board


Painting Kit 10x30 Canvas


Painting Kit Shiplap Cutout


Painting Kit Wine Glass Painting Kit


Painting Kit 16x20 Pine Wood Board Kit


Painting Kit DATE NIGHT Set of 16x20 Canvases


Painting Kit 10-Pack - 16x20 Canvas


Painting Kit 6-Pack - 16x20 Canvas


Twist Stemless Wine Glass (9 oz)


Cardboard Easel


Black Twist Apron


Aluminum Easel


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