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Why book a Painting Party?

Party Info - Please note - to allow us to properly set up and staff for your event, the final headcount for Host Paid Private Parties is due 2 days prior to your event. You will be charged on the final headcount provided plus any additional guests that may attend. 

For Individual Pay events, all guests must be registered at least two days prior to your event. 

Here's How It Works!

It's really easy!  After requesting your party, we'll send you a link to make your deposit online.  When your deposit is made, you'll receive a Party Management link that allows you access to our library of more than 10,000 paintings.  You'll be able to select your painting by just clicking on the link.  This link will also allow you to manage your party, such as emailing invitations to your guests and viewing RSVPs. A party passcode will be provided so that only you and your guests will be able to make a reservation.

We offer private parties for any occasion!

Birthdays, Kids Parties, Office Parties, Team Buildings,  Holiday Parties, Girls Night Out, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Bachelor/ette Parties, Graduation Parties, Church Groups, Field Trips, Scouting Troops, Sorority Parties, Sports Team Parties, Retirement Parties, or any other reason to celebrate! 

Benefits of a Private Party

With our private events, you will have your own private party room.

You can arrive up to 30 minutes before your event starts to set up and get ready. (We suggest that your guest arrive 15 minutes prior to your paint time and no later than 10 minutes after the party starts to keep things on track.) Guests arriving more than 10 minutes after painting has started must understand that if they do not finish their painting within the allotted time, they will have to return for one of our S.O.S. sessions to finish their paintings.  Additional time can be added at a rate of $50 per half hour. Please speak with your artist if you need to add additional time. 

You have an additional half hour at the end of your paint time to finish up food and drink, socialize, and take pictures. (Additional time may be purchased if needed. Please let us know if interested.) 

In addition to all materials needed to create your masterpiece, we also provide small appetizer size plates, cups, napkins, corkscrews, bottle openers, and an ice bucket for each room! 


Deposits are credited to your event and generally cover the first two seats. It will be applied to reservations for the hostess and one guest unless notified differently prior to your event.  The deposit will be transferred to your reservations when the minimum number of guests have been met.  The deposit will be used to meet the minimum if the minimum number of guests do not register and then it will be necessary for the host/hostess to reserve your seats with additional payment. Deposit amounts are as follows - $60 for 1.5 hour (ages 5 - 12) /  $80 for 2 hour events (16 x 20 canvas) / $84 for 2 hour events (10 x 30 canvas) / $98 for 3 hour events / $116 for Paint Your Pet events / and $150 for offsite events.  Deposits for other surfaces such as wood planks and cut outs vary. Please contact us for pricing on these surfaces.

Please keep in mind that your date and time are not secured until your deposit is made. It is best to make it within 24 hours, however, we will make one courtesy call to you before releasing your date and time to someone else if your deposit has not yet been made. 

Private Party Cancellations

A minimum of 7 days notice of cancellation is required in order to receive a refund of your deposit.  Parties can be rescheduled at no charge. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. With proper notice (7 days), at your request, we will refund your deposit less a 10% cancellation processing fee.  With less than 7 days notice, you may choose to have your deposit refunded at 100% as a Store Credit for a future event at our location. Please notify us if you elect for the Store Credit.  If you do not choose the Store Credit, your deposit will be forfeited. For rescheduling or postponement, you deposit is transferred to your new event, however for cancellation purposes, we will revert to the original scheduled date. 

 Pricing is as follows:

  • Kids ages 5-12 – 1.5-Hour: $30 per person
  • 2-Hour: $40 (16 x 20 canvas) and $42 (10 x 30 canvas) per person (Please contact us for pricing on speciality surfaces like our Pine Planks and Wood Cut Outs.)
  • 3-Hour: $49 or $59 per person for custom paintings
  • "After Party"/Additional studio time: $50/half hour

Minimum Requirements (for peak hours -Friday and Saturday evenings after 6:00 p.m.)

  • 15 paid guests

Minimum Requirements (for NON peak hours) 

  • 10 paid guests

  For parties with less than our minimum requirements, please inquire about our VIP Party options! You'll still be able to choose the painting!


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