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Exciting new Twist at Home Kit Options!

  • Party Kits
  • Individual Kits
  • Date Night Kits

No two people are alike, so no two paintings will be alike no matter how many of you are Twisting at Home. Even if there's more than one of you and you all decide to paint the same artwork, each one will look uniquely different, just as it should be. Maybe you're purchasing several different painting options so everyone can do something on their own while you all paint together. Perhaps you're picking up several different painting kits to keep you busy over time. Whatever your reasoning or choices may be, our Twist at Home gallery covers a wide range of painting options. 


We have hundreds of new Paintings with step by step videos and instructions in the Twist at Home Kit painting library!


What's Included in a Twist at Home Kit?


Inside your Twist at Home kit, you'll have everything you need to create your very own masterpiece -

  • Canvas or Wood surface
  • New set of brushes
  • Paints and Pallet
  • Table cover
  • Cardboard easel
  • Paper products
  • Disposable apron
  • Step-by-step Video and instruction code. (good for 30 days)


How Can I Order and Receive My Twist at Home Kit ? 


  • Open the At home kit tab to see the available paintings.
  • click on painting to open online store and deal options.
  • You can arrange free delivery any day of the week, same day if ordered before noon!
  • You'll be able to pick up your kits or arrange for curbside delivery within 24 hours from when you order.  
  • We will email & text you when the kit is ready to pick up. 
  • Call or text 1-585-559-0836 to schedule your pick up

All sales final

16x20 Canvas Twist at Home Painting Kit


DATE NIGHT- 16x20 Pop in/Twist at Home- 2 pack !


11x 14 Complete Painting Kit


11x14 pop in and paint Date night 2 pack


KIDS 16x20 Twist at home/Pop in kit 1.5 hours


KIDS 16x20 2 pack friend set


Kids 11x14 1.5 hour Pop In Studio Kit


Pop in Kit Wood Porch Leaner


Original Art- Pet or Portrait Kit


16x 20 Wood Board


10.5x26 Wood board At Home/ Pop in Studio kit


10x30 pop in/at home kit


12x12 canvas


2 hour at home video


16x 20 pre traced canvas


White Framed Canvas Pop In/Twist at Home Kit


Wine glass pair /Pop in or At Home Kit


17.5x17 Wood Board


DELUXE GIFT KIT- Twist in Style!


DELUX GIFT KIT 16x20 wood board


Custom Scented 8oz Soy Candle


Blacklight LED Bulb 15 W


Small 3-D Wood Surface


3-D wood pop in kit


3-D Wood Surface Kit


3-D Wood Pop In Kit


Pick off our wall!


Set of 4 easel ornaments




Used Tabletop Easel


Fairy Lights


3 Pack brush set


Black Apron (Cotton)


16x20 3 painter Party Pack


16x20 canvas 4 painter party pack


Complete party pack 5 Painters


Complete Party Pack 8 painters


Complete Party Pack 10 Painters


Complete Party Pack 15 Painters


Medium Complete KIDS party Kit 10 painters


10x30 4 painter party pack


KIDS Small Complete Camp/Party Pack 5 painters


Large Complete KIDS party pack 15 painters


Pop In and Paint Brush Club 16x20 8 pack


Pop in and Paint Brush Club 16x20 12 pack


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