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Rockwall, TX Painting with a Twist Blog

Spreading Good

We're Here for You!

What a year we've had - 2020 has been rough on us all in one way or another!  We want you to know that we are back open - we are limiting our studio capacity to 50% to enable social distancing between unrelated groups.  Masks are encouraged while you're moving around the studio, but you are welcome to take them off once you're seated.  We are still BYOB, so bring all the food/drinks that you want.  Here at Painting with a Twist, we are doing our absolute best to offer a brea ... Read More


A Place to Connect

In this fast paced world, and especially the upcoming season, we here at Painting with a Twist want you to know, we are here for you. With our demanding schedules and endless to do lists, it’s important to make a time to nurture yourself. When you schedule a night out with your friends or family at Painting with a Twist, you get a chance to slow down time, to savor your company and really CONNECT with the people you love. It’s not a hurried dinner, it’s not a movie, it’s a fun, engaging exper ... Read More

This is our third summer and finally I think we’ve found a summer program that works for everyone! This 2017 summer, we have kids classes scheduled all summer long – some weeks are meant for kids 7 & Up, and a few of the weeks, we’ve got Advanced Camps for kids 10 & Up. Regardless of the week, you can decide if you would like to sign your child up for the week long experience – with either discounts, or extra perks, or if you want to simply pick and choose the paintings you’d like them to atte ... Read More

Did you know that with only 5 reservations you can pick the painting for one of our open classes? Planning the calendar can be a daunting task, and we appreciate your input! Looking ahead to the next month, if you know what date/time you want to paint, we can set you up a “Private2Public” painting event. You and your friends book the first 5 seats, then you pick out the painting – and then we open it to the public when we publish the calendar for the next month. You can still invite as many ... Read More

2016 summer fun: We’re trying something different this summer, offering kids classes every Tuesday & Thursday throughout the summer. We have morning classes for ages 7 & Up – these are 1.5 hour classes that cost $25 per painter. A quick, fun, creative way to start your days! Feel free to bring in coffee & donuts while you paint. We are also offering some more advanced kids classes for ages 10 & Up in the afternoons from 1-4. These afternoon paintings are some that are typically too hard for ... Read More


What's Your Therapy?

Here at Painting with a Twist we pride ourselves on being an outlet for our customers… some of our customers come to take a break from being with their kids all day, some come to reconnect with friends/family, some come to fill time otherwise spent waiting on a spouse or loved one to come home. Yet others find the painting process itself relaxing and therapeutic. Regardless of your motivation, we hope all our customers leave our studio feeling a little more fulfilled than when they came in. I ... Read More

Our art library of choices is well over 5000 pieces of artwork… it’s so hard to choose! Each month we plan our calendar for the next month and release it on the 15th of the month. (July 15th, we’ll publish August) So if you’re thinking of coming to paint with us a month out, you can call and set up a “Private-to-Public” party. With just 5 paid reservations for the date/time of your choice, you can choose the art for our open class that night. You already have your seats booked, you pick the ... Read More

FYI, at the Rockwall studio, we will not cancel a class once someone has registered for it. Sometimes this means we hold pretty small classes, but once a customer has signed up and is counting on the painting, we’re teaching it. What does this mean for you? If you want to make sure we don’t cancel a class, just book your seat. You will never have to worry about us calling and cancelling on you b/c not enough scheduled, (unless there’s perhaps an emergency.) It's like American Idol - your ... Read More


Help Us Help You!

If you’ve ever been to our studio, you know that we like to have things ready for you when you arrive. If things have gone according to plan, your easel & paint plate are waiting for you and we’ve made sure you are seated with your friends. For this reason, RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We do accommodate walk ins when we can, but if we have lots of unexpected guests, we’re unprepared. When you decide you’re coming to one of our classes, please register online. If you’re joining a gro ... Read More



I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the warm reception and excitement that the community has shown us since opening. Thank you to all our customers who are already becoming regulars, to all the Moms scheduling their children's' birthday parties, and to all our faithful Facebook fans sharing our events, and spreading the word that we are finally open. If you haven't made it in yet, we're looking forward to meeting you. I'm so proud of the team of artists and assistants that we have on hand - ... Read More

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