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Why book a Painting Party?

Looks like Art...Feels like Fun!  

We offer private parties any day of the week and at just about any time of day - whether it be a Sunday Brunch Painting or a Late Night Bachelorette Party, and everything in between. 

We offer private parties for any occasion!  

  • Birthdays, Holiday Parties, Girls’ Night Out!
  • Office parties, Team Building, Retirement Parties
  • Wedding showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Baby Showers, Gender Reveal Parties
  • Graduation Parties, Sorority Parties
  • Church groups
  • Kids’ Birthday Parties
  • Field Trips, Scout Badge Activities, Sports Team Parties
  • ...or any other reason to party! 

 Benefits of a Private Party: 

  • You select your own masterpiece to paint from our huge collection of paintings. A link will be emailed to you so that you can choose your painting!  You will be able to choose from 2 hour ($40-60/person) or 3 hour ($50-60/person) paintings.  (See additional info for Team Building & Kid's Birthday Parties below)
  • You can schedule your party any day of the week, space permitting.  We have slots available almost any time of day.
  • You get your own private party room and your own artist-instructor.
  • Our Party Management Link makes planning & sending invites easy!
  • No set up, no clean up - just show up a bit before class starts and ENJOY!
  • You get the room 30 minutes before and 30 min after your party to celebrate.
  • We provide all of the art supplies, as well as cups, napkins, paper plates, and corkscrews.
  • Guests may bring their snacks and drinks of choice. 

What if I don’t have enough for a Private Party? 

Want the perks of a party without the commitment to a minimum number of painters? 
Call in and see if the date/time you’re wanting is available and we can let you pick the painting for an Open to the Public Class – no minimum for you! 

Limitations on an Open Class are as follows: 

  • Painting selection may be limited, we will not repeat something we just did or have already coming up on the calendar – but with thousands to choose from, it’s seldom an issue. 
  • Classes with less than 4 guests may be rescheduled or reservations moved to an Open Studio. 

How do I reserve and pay for my party? 

The minimum number of painters required for private parties Sunday-Thursday is 10, and for Friday-Saturday is 15 based on the date requested. 

Click here to Request a Party.  Once we have your request, we will confirm your date/time and send you the Party Management Link for your painting selection.  We recommend having the minimum number of seats for your event reserved by two weeks prior to your event.  

For events where one person is paying for all the reservations, we ask for the first 10 seats to be reserved at the time you confirm your event.  The remaining seats are due by two weeks before class.
For events where each guest will reserve their own seat, we simply recommend that your guests register their seats individually – aiming to have the minimum reserved by two weeks before class. 

Once the private party has been booked and the painting is selected, the Party Management Link will convert into an Evite Like Invitation link.  Hosts can email or print custom invitations.  Guests can then go online and individually pay and register for the private party, or the host/hostess may instead pay with one payment for the party. 

What if I still don’t have the minimum?  If two weeks before class, you still do not have the minimum number of reservations, we have 2 choices.  You can agree to pay for empty seats to meet the minimum – OR – we can open your painting time as a public class, doing away with the minimum.  In the event that you choose to open your class – the time & painting may be subject to adjustment.  However, all guests registered with your party will still be seated together, you’re still welcome to bring all the food/drinks that you like.  (Every effort will be made to maintain your party details as initially established.)

Party Room can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests.  
Main Room can accommodate a maximum of 60 guests.  
(Minimum to reserve Main Room may vary dependent on date requested.) 

Private Party Policy: 

We may ask that you book a deposit of half your seats when you confirm your date/time.  Registration of the minimum number of seats is due by 14 days prior to the party.  If you are not yet at the minimum 14 days before the party, we will switch the class over to a public party and remove the responsibility of meeting the minimum.  If you have not met the minimum, your painting selection and/or time slot is not guaranteed. 

Once the private party has been booked and the painting is selected, the host/hostess will receive a passcode to distribute to guests.  Hosts can also email or print custom invitations.  Guests can then go online and individually pay and register for the private party, or the host/hostess may instead pay with one payment for the party. 

Parties enjoy their studio space for 30 minutes before and after their painting time.  Please arrive prior to your paint time to get settled in.  We will begin you painting at the time on the calendar.  If your party is running late, we can use your hour of party time before starting the painting.  Guests staying beyond their allotted time may result in a $50 studio rental charge. 

Cancellation Policy - please provide a 2 week notice of event cancellation - cancellations of events within 2 weeks of event date will result in store credit refunds for all guests.
For emergency situations, parties within 2 weeks of event may be rescheduled one time.  Once a party has already been rescheduled, it is no longer refundable regardless of notice to cancel.

Additional Information for Team Building Events: 

Team Building at Painting with a Twist is a great way to relax and get to know your staff outside of the office. 
Private team building events pick their own painting and enjoy a private party experience with their own room & instructor. 
BYOB at your discretion and feel free to bring in food or have it delivered to enjoy during your event. 
The atmosphere is fun and relaxing with music, games and laughter.  

Team Building Events are available daytimes Monday-Friday at any time of day: 

  • Daytime minimum is 10 painters.  (Evening minimums vary)
  • 2 hour paintings run $40-45 per painter, depending on your surface.  (Includes everything you need to paint: canvases, paint, brushes, aprons.)
  • Businesses enjoy a Team Building Discount of 1 free seat with every 10 paid reservations.
  • You have 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the painting time for mingling, awards, etc.
  • Additional studio time can be booked for extra meeting time if needed.
  • We have plates, cups, paper towels & bottle openers at your disposal.
  • We take care of all clean up. 

Additional Information for Kid Parties: 

Host a unique party for your child's birthday, Scout Troop, sports team, or dance class!  Kids love painting here!  Plus, kids leave with their complete masterpieces, so there is no need to come back and pick them up at a later date.  We STRONGLY recommend kids' parties for kids 6 & up for the best overall experience.  Let us help your little ones tap into their inner artist.  

Private kid parties are available any day or evening of the week, except Friday & Saturday nights.  Open Kids Parties can be considered for Friday & Saturday nights. 

For Kids 6 & Up:

  • 2 hour party (1.5 hr painting, and 30 min party/cake/presents).
  • Selection of a 1.5 hour painting.
  • $400 for 10 painters.
  • $40 for each additional painter.
  • Hosts can email or print custom invitations. 

For Kids 12 & Up (if requested) 

  • 3 hour party (30 min Meet & Greet, 2 hr painting, and 30 min party/cake/presents).
  • Selection of a 2 hour painting (great for our older kid painters) 16x20 & 12x12 sizes available.
  • $500 for 10 painters.
  • $50 for each additional painter.
  • Hosts can email or print custom invitations. 

Premium Surfaces for Kids:  Specialty Canvases & Door Hangers

  • 2 hour party (1.5-hr painting, 30 min party/cake/presents.)
  • Selection of painting on premium surfaces including 10x30's and specialty Wood Door Hangers!
  • $400 for 10 painters.
  • $40 for each additional painter.
  • Hosts can email or print custom invitations. 

OFFSITE EVENTS: Please contact the studio directly for information about our offsite events and availability. 

Private Party Availability 

Please call or text 469-314-8110 or email us at for availability.  We are happy to walk you through the process to make your party planning a breeze! 


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