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What's Your Therapy?

Here at Painting with a Twist we pride ourselves on being an outlet for our customers… some of our customers come to take a break from being with their kids all day, some come to reconnect with friends/family, some come to fill time otherwise spent waiting on a spouse or loved one to come home. Yet others find the painting process itself relaxing and therapeutic. Regardless of your motivation, we hope all our customers leave our studio feeling a little more fulfilled than when they came in. It is my personal goal to also help restore a sense of confidence in all the guests we welcome through our doors. Too often today, we are so hard on ourselves. I see it every day in our studio, customers getting upset with themselves for something they deem less than perfect… They’re all perfect, they’re all unique and beautiful. Embrace yourself, you are amazing. Tell me what kind of therapy you come in for when you check in at the desk and I’ll give you an extra punch on your punchcard. See you soon!

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