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Want to pick the painting!?

Did you know that with only 5 reservations you can pick the painting for one of our open classes? Planning the calendar can be a daunting task, and we appreciate your input! Looking ahead to the next month, if you know what date/time you want to paint, we can set you up a “Private2Public” painting event. You and your friends book the first 5 seats, then you pick out the painting – and then we open it to the public when we publish the calendar for the next month. You can still invite as many additional guests as you like, but there is no minimum. The only restriction in art selection is that we ask that you not choose something we’ve just done or have coming up – but with over 5000 painting choices, it’s seldom an issue. We publish the calendar for each month on the 15th of the month before. We also have some capabilities to add P2P classes during the same month, but only on days that are not currently booked/locked in. Call me today to find out more! ~ Christine 469-314-8110

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