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A Place to Connect

In this fast paced world, and especially the upcoming season, we here at Painting with a Twist want you to know, we are here for you. With our demanding schedules and endless to do lists, it’s important to make a time to nurture yourself. When you schedule a night out with your friends or family at Painting with a Twist, you get a chance to slow down time, to savor your company and really CONNECT with the people you love. It’s not a hurried dinner, it’s not a movie, it’s a fun, engaging experience that everyone will remember. Some choose to make it a group experience, while others use it as their personal escape, a place to pause their minds, and connect with themselves. Whatever appeals more to you – we’ve got you covered. Grab your favorite bottle of wine, and some snacks, and come make an evening out of it! Check out the calendar and pick out your next enjoyable evening today.

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