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Why book a Painting Party?

Private Party Information

  • Private parties can be booked for any day and time of the week contingent upon staff and space availability and minimum guest count requirement.
  • You must have a minimum of 15 people to book a private party scheduled Sunday through Thursday. You must have a minimum of 20 guests to book a private party scheduled on a Friday or Saturday. If the minimum is not met, the difference between the minimum and the number of guest attending must be paid before the party can take place.

  • All Party Guests must be signed up at least 7 days prior to the party date.
  • The cost for a private party ranges from $37.00 per person to $57. No discounts, promotions, or rewards points may be applied to a private party reservation. 
  • All private parties are required to pay the full balance at the time of booking their event. A private party contract is required to be signed at the time of booking the event.
  • The instructor, paint, canvas, easels, brushes, and aprons are provided by the studio.
  • Guest are welcome to bring snack or food items.
  • We will begin painting at the time scheduled, so ask your guests to arrive promptly at party start time. 
  • Private parties have a 15 minute grace period before the painting start time and 15 minute grace period at the painting end time. Grace period is designated for, but is not limited to, set-up, breakdown, food and beverage staging, check-in and socializing.
  • A party exceeding the end time is subject to a service charge of $75.00 and an additional $75.00 for each additional hour over party end time. Party extensions are based on availability of space and management discretion. 

Additional Information for Kid Parties

Host a unique party for your child's birthday, Scout Troop, sports team, or dance class! Kids love painting here and they also love our dance breaks! Plus, kids leave with their complete masterpieces, so there is no need to come back and pick them up at a later date. 

Kid parties are available any day or evening of the week, except Friday & Saturday nights.

Junior Twister Package 

  • Ages 6-12
  • $270 for a 1.5 hour painting for a minimum of 10 painting guests
  • $27.00/1.5 hour painting selections
  • Birthday child paints for FREE with 12 or more guests
  • $27.00 per child over the 10 painter minimum

Senior Twister Package 

  • Ages 10-16
  • $370 for a 2 hour party for a minimum of 10 guests
  • $37/2 hr painting selection
  • Birthday child paints FREE with 12 or more guests
  • $37 per guest over the minimum number of guests

These Packages exclude Friday and Saturday Evening after 6pm. Minimum requirements are higher. Please inquire to see availability.

How do I reserve a spot for my party?

Please call our studio at: 336-448-0474 or email us at

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