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So, you’re part of the #bridetribe and are in charge of throwing the BEST bachelorette party. No pressure ??Don’t worry. We have you covered. Check out some fabulous and unique bachelorette party ideas and tips below to make your bestie’s party a blast!


There are a TON of bachelorette party props out there to make your bride-to-be’s night unforgettable. Whether you go the traditional or the more risqué route, your bride will LOVE the attention. After all, it’s her last fling before the ring! So get the cute veil, the sash, the cup, etc!


Whether it’s grabbing the girls for adult camp (it’s a thing!) or throwing a wine and painting party at one of our studio, do something out of the ordinary for your bestie! 


Tylenol (hello!), wine or your favorite cocktail mixers, matching t-shirts or tank tops and/or tumblers (the bride will LOVE this!) Be sure it has a clever bridal-inspired saying on it! Or you could always come MAKE a pair of bridal party wine glasses in our studio??You can use one glass for the bachelorette party and one for the big day!


Weave in some fun games throughout the party! Ask the groom some questions ahead of time and have the bride answer. If she gets it right, she gets a gift. If she gets it wrong…well, you decide the “punishment”!  After a few cocktails, bring out the bachelorette version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Your group will be in hysterics, we promise!


You are going to have a TON of adorable and funny photos from the weekend. But before you go to town posting on social media, check with the bride! If she’s ok with photos, then make it extra fun and create a hashtag for the party!

Your bestie deserves the best bachelorette party! Follow these tips and she’ll have the time of her life.

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The Language of LOVE

Do you ever find yourself just not clicking with your partner? You might try to talk to them or do a nice gesture and still things seem to be off. Did you know each person receives love differently? In fact, there are 5 love languages according to Dr. Gary Chapman.

Meet Me in Wind



The first love language is Words of affirmation.

This is your love language if you need to hear the actual words ‘I love you’ and appreciate written letters and notes from your significant other.

Event Registration



The second love language is Quality Time.

Do you need undisturbed one on one time with your partner every day? If so, this is your language!

Live Laugh Love                            



The third love language is Receiving gifts aka actions speak louder than words.

You spend hours seeking out the perfect gift that has meaning behind it.

Hear Baloons




The fourth language is Acts of Service.

This language includes everyday responsibilities, like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, or making dinner. If this is your love language, then your heart skips a few beats when you come home to a clean house and your love cooking dinner.

Beach Pallet




The last love language is none other than Physical touch. 

You know this is your language if you crave hugs, kisses, holding hands, and just being physically close to your better half. 

Lunar Night




Take the time to learn your love language and your partners. It can make a huge difference in how you and your spouse communicate with each other and solve issues. 

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Celebrate Black History!!

Black History Month


Did you know there are over fifty landmarks in the United States dedicated to African Americans? February is Black History month and we picked a few of the most fascinating landmarks that have history behind them! 


First up is the Nicodemus National History Site in Nicodemus, KS. This site is named after an African-American slave who was freed and started a black community after the Civil War. This site houses a Township Hall, a Baptist Church, and a schoolhouse. The second landmark is Beale Street Historic District in Memphis, TN. Beale Street is the birthplace of the blues and BBQ. This is a huge tourist attraction for those wanting to have a good time and listen to live music. The final landmark to share is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH. This museum takes you way back in history where you can see the struggles that African-Americans had for freedom. 


Take a moment this month to appreciate your freedom and have far America has come!


All the classes start at 1:00 pm.


February 9th 

Cotton Fields of South    


February 10th 

National History    


February 15th 



February 17th 



Couples February 23rd

Brooklyn Night Out


February 24th

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Painting with a Purpose 01.22.19

This is a Painting with A Purpose charity event benefitting the Denver Zoo Elephant Managers Association Conference. Seating is limited and this event WILL sell out so don't wait to make your reservation.

The Denver Zoo will be hosting The Elephant Managers Association conference next October to bring 150 people from around the globe together who are all actively working with elephants and trying to save them for future generations. We are bringing in managers, researchers, and conservationists from numerous countries and around the United States to Denver for a week of learning and discussion about progressive techniques to save both remaining elephant species. This conference is going to be the 40th conference and we are hoping to really promote the Colorado community as this will be the first time that the conference has been hosted here. The Elephant Managers Association is dedicated to the welfare and survival of the world’s elephants by improving communication, husbandry, research, education, and conservation.

This class is open to the public. The paint session will begin promptly at 6:30 pm so we recommend arriving no later than 6:15 pm as this will give you time to purchase any beverages and get settled in.



Painting with purpose   

 Painting with a Purpose


Painting event

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Couples Paint Night with Claude Monet

Happy Birthday, Claude Monet! 

Born 14 November 1840 – Died 5 December 1926 

Claude was a French painter, and a founder of French Impressionist painting and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to “plein air landscape”.  The term "Impressionism" is derived from the title of his painting Impression, soleil levant (Impression, Sunrise), which was exhibited in 1874 in the first of the independent exhibitions mounted by Monet and his associates as an alternative to the Salon de Paris.


A selection of Claude Monet's Paintings you could paint at Painting with a Twist - LoDo!  Impressionism not your forte - check out our calendar for other options

Claude Monet Lilies     


 Claude Monet Venice     


 Claude Monet Red Bridge

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12 Autumn moments to capture in painting or photos

The season is changing from bright fun colors to more of a monotone landscape. But that doesn't mean that your paintings have to be boring. Here are 12 autumn moments that you can capture and paint to spice things up this fall season.

Couples Autumn Activity Painting


1) Fall Foliage - showcase your yard, park, neighborhood, trail, or even at your local botanic garden. Fall Foliage is packed with unique colors and textures that make couples painting fun and interesting.

Fall Foliage


2) Coffeehouse - We all know that it's PSL season! What better way to get cozy than by sitting around in your comfy clothes with a nice warm cup of chai or pumpkin spice anything and painting. The rich tones of caramels, butterscotch and cream help break up the brown tones

Coffee Painting Pumkin Spice



3) Pumpkin patches - hundreds of round orange globes scattered throughout a hay bale landscape truly set the tone for any autumn painting.

Pumpkin Art


4) Plaid and flannel - Yes, this is a fall clothing staple, but the designs are really fun to paint. We found a great video that shows how to paint that amazing "Buffalo" plaid that we all love so much.  Check out the video here.  Special thanks to Rustic Glitter for sharing!


5) Halloween - Fun bright colors of all the costumes, Brightly lit jack-o Lanterns, candy, candy, and more candy make painting this fun holiday exciting. Ghosts, Goblins, and black cats can bring thrills to any canvas.

Couples Paint Halloween


6) Thanksgiving - Set the table for family, friends, and food. Have you ever painting your turkey before? If not, give it a try! showcase your holiday spread with your paint and brushes. Make sure to crack that can of cranberry sauce for a more light-hearted moment.


7) Día de los Muertos  This multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings by family members and friends to pray and remember those who have died, it’s believed they help support their spiritual journey wherever that may lead.

Day of Dead Couples Painting


8) Harvest- Pumpkins, sunflowers, Hay, Gourds, corn, squash, and tomatoes! All great vegetables that are harvested in the fall. Make a still life and home in your inner Picasso or Braque.  Add a contrasting color as the tablecloth and get those vibrant golds and yellow colors to pop.

Harvest Painting


9) Fireplaces- can you smell it? Who doesn't love the smell of a warm cuddly fire popping in the crisp autumn air. And hey, if your current house doesn't give you the luxury of having one why not paint your own! It's like your own handmade yule log perfect for the autumn time. ?

Painting Fire


10) Cozy spaces- It's Saturday and it’s raining outside, where are you? Most likely you are cuddled up on your sofa with a good book, and a fresh cup of tea, or coffee. Now is the time to showcase your favorite place in your house, or something unique about it. Paint a picture of your house numbers, the street sign, or a stack of books. Think "outside" the box when you are stuck inside and the weather is crummy. ?

 Cozy Painting


11) Reading- speaking of stacks of books ??Create your own adventure with how you paint your favorite books. Stack them, arrange them by color, or even paint them open. Books are not just for reading... Try painting them too?

Owl Book Painting


12) Family- last but not least. Autumn is about connecting more with your loved ones. We often start gathering at friends or family members more around the fall and winter months either by watching the big game, or hosting family dinners being indoors is a great time to showcase that lovely family portrait - who said it had to be taken with a camera! ?

Family Painting


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Your Scorpio Painting Horoscope

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

Dark and mysterious black keeps Scorpio intensely inquisitive and focused on transformation. More information can be found here on Scorpios Color. In western culture the color black is associated with death and rebirth, enhancing Scorpio's strength of letting go and its ability to transform itself.  Nothing sums up Scorpios mysterious nature like “Wicked Sunset.” Your intensity is a powerful calm over those you love. Melt into the “Wicked Sunset” with a glass of wine and a paintbrush.

Wicked Sunset

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Corporate Team Building! Shout Out for Painting with a Twist!

Thank you "Savor Denver Food Tours" for adding us to the list of 17 Unique Team Outings in Denver.  We appreciated the article and learned a lot about other event venues in Denver for team outings.  To view the article, click here: Unique Team Outings

Painting Team Building

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Paint pARTy! Celebrate your BIRTHDAY with us!

You don't say?  Your birthday is coming up?  Well then, celebrate with us!  Looking for a fun night out with friends? Then Painting with a Twist - LoDo is the answer.

We host public or private art parties at our venue to help you celebrate a birthday in style in LoDo.  Painting with a Twist is where the pARTy starts in LoDo!



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Painting with a Twist has a brand new experience with Screen Art

Our exclusive partnership brings the popularity of Rebeca Flott Arts Screen Art directly to you. Rebeca Flott Arts Screen Art is a new product only available at Painting with a Twist.  You will mud and paint on a framed screen, using special tools to create beautiful texture! Pick your frame color and paint along with a local artist to create a unique piece of artwork that will look amazing inside, or outside, of your home! Painting on screens in LoDo is easy and rewarding, and we can't wait to see you soon.

RFA Screen Art


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