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Painting with a Twist FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is Painting with a Twist? 
A: Painting with a Twist is fun art, not fine art. It's a party! It's about creating memories! Bring your friends and loved ones to a Painting with a Twist near you for a live BYOB painting event taught by an enthusiastic local artist. You'll receive step-by-step instructions for creating a painting that's all your own. Along the way, you'll laugh, sip your favorite beverage, and unwind with your best peeps by your side. And you don't need any painting experience — just a passion for fun!

Q: What is Twist At Home (TAH)?
A: Twist At Home gives you a fun paint experience from the comfort of your home. We supply everything you need: step-by-step instructions, brushes, paints, plates, cups, disposable aprons, and your painting surface choice.  Cardboard easels are also available for purchase for $5.  We have several paintings that include pre recorded videos, and numerous others with detailed written step-by-step instructions. If you want to know which paintings include video, just shoot us an email at You can also check out all paint options at our gallery page >>> Twist At Home Gallery

Q: What is Pop In And DIY?
A: Pop in and paint is open studio time for the DIY painter.  We supply everything you need: step-by-step instructions, brushes, paints, plates, cups, aprons, and your painting surface choice.  We have several paintings that include pre recorded videos, and numerous others with detailed written step-by-step instructions.  The best part is we take care of the set up and clean up and you don't have to worry about getting paint on your floor! We offer a variety of surfaces from canvas, wood surfaces, and our new wood projects (kid friendly figurines, birdhouses, cutting boards, etc.)!

Q: What is S.O.S.?
A: Didn't finish your painting, or simply want to touch it up? Once a month, artists will be available to guide you through the rest of your painting. This event is free, but please make a reservation online so we know you are coming. Please refer to our current calendar for the next S.O.S. date.

Q: You have candles now?
A:  We have a new product! YAY!  Twisted Candle is a DIY custom scented candle that will be available as an add on to select events.  We have 24 Ah-Ma-Zing scents to choose from.  If you select to add on a candle, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your painting event to give you enough time to make your candle.  Candles require approximately 2 hours to cure, so they will be ready to go home with you when you are done with your painting!  Our Twisted candles are an eco-friendly all natural soy wax that can burn up to 40 hours and makes an excellent gift.

Q: How much is a Painting with a Twist class?
A: Painting with a Twist class prices vary depending on type of class, class duration, and type of painting surface chosen. *Special events may have different pricing*

Surface 1.5 hour 2 hour 3 hour
16 X 20 Canvas  $      29   $   39  $   49
16 X 20 Framed Canvas    $   48  $   58
10 X 30 Canvas    $   41  $   51
Wood Pallet/Shiplap    $   41  $   51
17 X 17 Pine Plank    $   47  $   57
10.5 X 26 Pine Plank    $   47  $   57
10 X 47 Porch Leaner      $   70
Paint Your Pet      $   59

Q: How does Painting with a Twist work? 
A: Start with our event calendar to select a date, time, and painting you want to create! When you're ready, click on the painting to reserve your seat. You can make a reservation online or call the studio during business hours to reserve by phone. If you complete your reservation online, you'll be asked to provide your name, contact information, the names of the people in your painting party, your billing address, and payment information. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. When it's time to create your painting, pack your favorite beverages and snacks, and get the crew together to head to your local studio. It's time to raise your glass and your paintbrush! 


Q: Is Painting with a Twist BYOB?
A: No. Due to local laws, we are unable to offer BYOB. We do serve beer and wine at our Inspiration Bar along with other non-alcoholic drinks. Please be prepared to show ID.

You can bring any non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy during your painting party.  You can also bring your favorite snacks (Sweet, savory, sugar-coma-inducing — we don't care!). Popular snacks include pizza, cheese, crackers, chips and dip, cookies, veggie trays, chocolates, and cupcakes. We also have a variety of snacks available for purchase at our Inspiration Bar.

Q: Do you tip at Painting with a Twist? 
A: Tips are appreciated but never expected. If you had a great experience with your instructor, let them know!  

Q: Does Painting with a Twist provide cups?
A: We have plastic cups available if needed for non-alcoholic drinks.  

Q: Does Painting with a Twist provide wine and wine glasses?
A: We have a wide variety of wines available for purchase at our Inspiration Bar for those 21+ with valid ID.

Q: How long is a Painting with a Twist class? 
A: It depends on the class! (Also, who puts a time limit on fun?!) Kids classes tend to last about an hour and a half. We also offer two and three-hour classes for adults.

Q: How many Painting with a Twist locations are there? 
A: There are 300+ Painting with a Twist locations across the country, and the Twister family is always growing! Learn more about franchise opportunities to become part of our story.

Q: Is Painting with a Twist hard? 
A: Is jello hard? Is having fun with your besties hard? Painting with a Twist is all fun, no fear. It's art, inspiration, and play! Painting with a Twist is one of the few places where you can let your hair down and let out a laugh without worry. You're doing everything exactly as you're supposed to. No painting experience required! Our instructors will walk you through everything you need to know to create your painting.

Q: What brand/kind of paint does Painting with a Twist use? 
A: We use acrylic paints. Paint brands can vary from studio to studio.

Q: What size canvas does Painting with a Twist use? 
A: Our most popular painting surface is a 16 x 20 inch canvas; however, canvas size (and even painting surfaces) can vary! Check our event calendar to view upcoming painting styles, sizes, and surfaces.  We also have a pick your product wall in the studio in which you can see the different surfaces and sizes we offer.

Q: Who owns Painting with a Twist? 
A: Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney founded Painting with a Twist in 2007. Since then, Painting with a Twist has grown to be a franchise family of 300+ locations!  The Fort Collins studio is locally and individually owned and operated.

Q: What time does Painting with a Twist open and close? 
A: Hours vary by location. Our studio is open for scheduled events and office hours between the hours of 12 pm - 6 pm for pop in and DIY or kit order pick ups Tuesday - Sunday.  We are closed Mondays unless there are scheduled events. Private events may be scheduled any day - just check with the studio to ensure artist availability!

Q: Do you offer Painting with a Twist gift cards?
Yes! We make it easy to give fun painting experiences to friends and loved ones. Purchase a gift card online today. Gift cards can be redeemed towards painting events online with a click of a button or at any of our studio locations around the country. Painting with a Twist gift cards do not have expiration dates!

Q: Do you do Private Parties?
A: Yes. We can help make any group occasion a fun and memorable one. Plan your next private party, bachelorette party, birthday party, or team building event with Painting with a Twist today! Click for more information on our Private Paint Parties.

Q: Is Painting with a Twist hiring? 
A: We're always looking for people who love fun as much as we do! Check out our current job postings on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, or other hiring websites for current openings. You can also email your local studio directly. 

Painting Class Questions 

Q: When do you post a new monthly schedule?
A: The following month's classes are published by the 1st of the current month.

Q: Do you do reserved seating?
A: Yes. A paid reservation will guarantee your seat. If you are coming with others, please indicate the name of the group or party members to be seated together.  Guests that do not have a reservation may not be able to be accommodated as many of our events sell out and we will not have capacity to add additional people at the time of the event as well as some artwork requires a presketch and this can't always be accommodated for walk ins.

Q: At what time should I arrive for class?
A: Fifteen to 20 minutes prior to class so that you have time to unwind, visit with friends, and breathe before we get started.  If you have added the DIY candle, linen spray, or Slime option, please arrive 30 minutes prior to the painting event to ensure time to make the project.  Candles require approximately a 2 hour cure time and will be ready to go home after your painting event.

Q: How old do you need to be to paint with Painting with a Twist?
A: Check the age requirements for the specific painting event you're interested in attending. Family Paint Days accommodate painters ages 7+.  You must be 21 years old with proper ID to consume alcoholic beverages. Please be prepared to show ID, we card everyone.

Q: Will my painting be dry by the end of the night?
A: Yes. If there are a few damp places, there are blow dryers to dry them quickly.

Q: What should I wear to Painting with a Twist? 
A: A tutu, a tee-shirt, jeans, and a sombrero… whatever you'd like to wear and feel comfortable in! We think fun trumps fancy any day of the week. We have aprons to protect your clothing, but if you like that baggy sweater we recommend rolling your sleeves up.  Painting can be messy and there is a chance you will get paint on your clothing.  Acrylic paint does not remove from clothing easily.

Q: I'm more of an early bird. Does Painting with a Twist have morning classes?
A: We offer a variety of times for classes, please check our calendar!

Q: Can my friends hang out and NOT paint?
A: All attendees for adult classes (painting or not) must purchase a seat in advance. We recommend that EVERYONE paints! Who wants to watch paint dry anyway?! :) If space allows, we can accommodate a limited number of non-painting guests for Private Parties.  Most of our kids classes can accommodate a non-painter observer.  Children aged 13 and under are required to have adult supervision (parent or chaperone) throughout the event.  

Q: Do I need a reservation?
A: Yes. Reservations are required. Payments can be made online with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card or by calling your local studio. All payments for online reservations are processed at the time the reservation is made. We do not take credit card information through email.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

  • 48 hours or more notice to cancel attendance in class: Full Refund or Complimentary Credit valid for three months from the issue date.
  • 48 hours - 4 hours notice to cancel attendance in class: NO REFUND - A Complimentary Credit will be issued valid 3 months from the issue date.
  • 4 hours notice or less to cancel attendance in class: NO REFUND/NO CREDIT.

If you have to cancel, call or email your local studio as soon as possible.

No refunds or store credits will be issued for no-shows or cancellations after the class has started.

Store credits or refunds will not be issued for a cancellation made on your behalf (friends can't cancel reservations another friend made).

Painting with a Twist reserves the right to change the artist, postpone the class, or cancel a class for unforeseen circumstances. Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled by our office. Customers will be notified in advance and refunds/store credit will be issued.

Q: Can I walk-in before a class? 
A: Walk-ins are always welcome, though we cannot guarantee a spot without a reservation. Friday and Saturday night classes have a tendency to sell out. 

Food Questions 

Q: Can we bring food and drinks?
A: Yes. Feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, or load up a picnic basket or cooler! Easy-to-munch finger foods are always popular treats.

Q: Do you have cups, plates, and napkins?
A: Yes, plastic cups, plates, napkins, forks, and wine bottle openers are provided. Buckets for ice are available, too. We do NOT provide ice.

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