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Company Party/Team Building Events

If you're interested in organizing a party for your staff/team that's far from stuffy or ordinary, then your group needs to book a private painting party! There's a fun activity and a custom party favor included for everyone in the form of a painting that each guest gets to paint and take home. We don't have a designated caterer or fancy set menu, so you can bring your own snacks and alcohol, if you wish. Some of the local restaurants in our shopping center can also help cater your party at our studio and deliver here for free! We can host your group whenever you want to party, whether that's a morning, afternoon, or evening on a weekday or weekend. Our "Party Info" page has all the details. Use the "Request Party" page to save your date before it's too late! Call us 904-518-4932 for some of the restaurants that are located here that would love to help you create the perfect event.

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