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Painting with a Twist FAQ

Can beginners take the classes?
Yes! Almost 90% of the customers that come in to paint have never painted before.

Can I stop in anytime and paint?
We have both designated events on the calendar which you can sign-up for anytime at specific time slots. We also have a new offering which is to Pop In & Paint! This is a casual DIY painting experience where you can stop by anytime during select business hour days to choose from 100+ options and use easy to follow step-by-step instructions to complete a painting. We suggest you reserve before so we can set up all of your supplies and then simply Pop In when you're ready! All of our scheduled classes require a reseravtion which can be booked online or by calling or texting us!

Do you have any age requirements?
We have classes for all different ages and recommend the youngest painter in the studio to be at least 5+ when attending our all ages or family classes. All nighttime classes after 6PM willl permit painters aged 15 and up to paint while accompanied by a fellow supervising painting adult. Please notify us beforehand if you are bringing a painter under the age of 18 so we can accomodate accordingly. Our age requirements on each class can vary and are given more detailed information in the description so you can figure out which class is right for you and your group! 

How can I book a private party?
First; familiarize yourself with our private party information by going to the party info tab. Then either fill out a Party Request using the tabs to your left or send us an email to and give us your phone number with a good time to call and we can set everything up!

Do you only have evening classes?
Every month is different! We have several class types. Our regular calendar will always contain adult/evening classes throughout the week. We also offer No School Day Specials and Family Fun Days on the weekends. Always check the current calendar --> TWISTJAX Calendar for the most updated schedule.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are a new feature we are now able to offer, from candle making to fairy lights! Please check each class to see what is available.  If you choose to make a candle please arrive 30-45min before the start of your class so you have time to make your candle and get ready for your painting event!  Your candle will be set and ready to go after your class or party!  Please reach out to us via email, text or phone if you have any questions regarding our candle making. 

What are the studio hours of operation? 
We have regular office hours Tuesday - Friday 11AM - 4PM for customer service, answering phones & booking parties. We are open evenings & weekends for all our scheduled events so be sure to check our calendar --> TWISTJAX Calendar for the most updated schedule.  

What do I need to bring?
That’s totally up to you! We are a BYO studio, but we provide everything from the apron to the finished canvas at the end of the class! You are more than welcome and we encourage you and your group to show up 15-30 minutes beforehand to set up decorations, food/refreshments, etc. Don't forget to bring any items to go with your BYO refreshments like cups, bottle openers, ice, utensils, etc. as we're currently NOT offering those complimentry items for the health safety of all our guests. There are many great restaurants & bars in our area that you may want to try out - Taverna, BB's, The Loop, Jimmy Johns, The Olive Tree, European Street, Tropical Smoothie, Flame Broiler, Mezze Bar & Grill, Bistro Aix, Grape and Grain Exchange, Beer:30, V Pizza, and the list goes on!

Where are you located?
We are located just north of the Square – right between Rusted Vintage Market & Hot Spot Yoga. We are about 1 mile south of downtown on San Marco Blvd. in between LaSalle and Cedar St.

Do you have parking?
Yes. There is street parking and we also have a back lot behind our studio.

If I book a class and I can’t come, do I get a refund?
Public Classes: Refunds will ONLY be made in the form of store credits. If you cancel 24 hours in advance you can receive store credit for the class which will be sent to you via email as long as we are notified AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to be able to offer your seat to another customer. All no shows will forfeit their payment and option for a store credit. 

Private Parties: Private Party Hosts are to refer to their private party booking email & private party contract in regards to their 4 seat non-refundable/non-transferable deposit & party room minimum along with any party cancellation questions. Party hosts are financially responsible for ensuring the room minimum has been met & paid regardless of attendance. Guests of a private party can receive a store credit if we have been notified with at least 24 hours notice. Refunds will ONLY be made in the form of store credits. All no shows will forfeit their payment and option for a store credit. If a guest should cancel their seat, it is still up to the party host to ensure the room minimum has been met/paid prior to the start of the party.

Twist at Home Kits: No Refunds or Store Credits will be given for Twist at Home Kits including Virtual Classes. 

Why is it important to be on time to my scheduled event? 
With all our events, one of our amazing local artists will guide you and the entire class of up to 30 painters through the painting step-by-step. That's why we say there is no experience required because we will show you how! We help you express your inner artist. Think of our timed events like going to the movies - If you arrived late to the movie you would miss out on the start and it may be hard to follow what's going on in the story. Well, the same thing happens at our studio during one of our events. So, that's why it's important to be on time so you don't miss out on the full experience you paid for. All we want you to have is a stress free careless escape to get creative and have some fun and showing up on time or beforehand helps us do that. You can check-in, mix, and mingle up to 30 minutes early to get uncorked, smocked & in your seat. It's your Happy Half Hour and we can't wait to see you! 

Late policy: 
Painters who are late will be able to start their painting where the rest of the class is currently when they arrive. Just like the movie theater wouldn't start the movie over if you were late, we're not able to start at the beginning for late arrivals. Since our events are timed, you may not finish, but don't stress - You can always sign up and attend one of our free S.O.S (Save our Stuff) events on the first Saturday of every month. SOS is offered every month and is there for painters that need to tweak, add to or even finish their paintings. It's free, but we ask that you sign up so we know to expect you. 
Our cancellation policy still applies even if you're late - reschedule/store credits are only available for those who have given us AT LEAST 24 hours notice. No shows forfeit their payment and options for a store credit. 
I have a large group of people that want to come to a class, can we all sit together?
Of course! There is a special notes section at the time of your registration where you can tell us who you want to sit with. No need to reserve together just be sure to fill out who you'd like to sit with and we'll take care of the rest.

What’s the Twist?
We believe there are several different “Twists” that make us different from other art studios! The main “Twist” is any adult 21+ is allowed to bring their own adult beverage (or liquid courage) to enjoy the painting class and truly make it their own party! We are a BYO establishment which means you can bring your own food, snacks, or anything you'd like to enjoy before and during your class. We don't serve or sell food/drinks BUT our neighbor Beer:30 does if you want to pick up something on the way into the studio. 

When do you post a new monthly schedule?
The calendars are posted between 1st-5th of each month for the following month.

Can my friends hang out and NOT paint?
Due to our limited seating in our cozy studio while providing the BEST possible painting experience for our paying guests we have a strict NO SPECTATOR policy on ALL our public events including our family/kid friendly public events. Anyone including parents/guardians staying in the studio during class must have their own paid seat. We also do not allow toddlers or infants. We recommend that EVERYONE paints! Who wants to watch paint dry anyway! :)

We can acommodate a limited number of non-painting guests for Private Parties for children to surpervise if space allows. Please call the studio during office hours to inquire about more details. 

What are you doing as a studio to help keep everyone healthy & safe based on COVID-19? 
Currently all of our in-studio events are operating at normal capacity. We are taking every precaution to ensure the health & safety of our guests & staff. We are still taking extra time between classes to sanitize all common areas & touched surfaces and have a professional service every week. We will continue to provide sanitizer & disposable aprons. Remember to wash your hands often and reschedule if you are ill. Please continue to bring your own drinking cups, bottle openers or any items you need for your BYO refreshments. For the time being we will not be providing complimentary refreshment supplies or ice for sanitary reasons. Thank you for helping us keep our studio a safe carefree escape. If you have specific COVID related preferences, please contact the studio beforehand so we can do our best to accommodate or let you know your options. 

If you're not comfortable being in the studio, we do recommend our Twist at Home kits. Please visit the AT HOME KITS tab at the top of the page. 

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