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Why book a Painting Party?

Painting With A Twist (PWAT) Mason is a fun party option for any group! In a Private Event with PWAT, a professional artist will instruct your guests step by step through the painting of your choice. Private Events are a unique way to socialize for any type of party, group, or organization. We offer Adult Private Events (13+) and Child Private Events (6-12yo). 

We handle planning Private Events during Office Hours weekly 12pm - 7pm. All Private Events are processed via email. Read all details below on hosting a private party at Painting With a Twist - Mason and when ready, click: Book Your Party

What kind of parties can a host / organization book at PWAT Mason? 

  • Birthday Parties 
  • Bachelorette, Wedding and Baby Showers
  • Family Reunions and Church Groups
  • Holiday and Seasonal Parties
  • Employee Appreciation Days and Team Building Events 
  • Absolutely any reason to get together with co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends! 

What times are available for booking a Private Event? 

We offer event times during the day and evening any day of the week! Typically our schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday - Friday: 12-2pm, 4-6pm or 7:30-9:30pm
  • Saturdays: 12-2pm, 3:30-5:30pm or 7:30-9:30pm
  • Sundays: 2-4pm or 6-8pm
  • Adult events can be held anytime daytime or evening time
  • Child Private Events are only held during the daytime before 6pm 
    • No small children or infants permitted during any event - no exceptions 

Events are booked on a first come, first serve basis and must be inquired and processed at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. We handle all inquires and process private events during our office hours weekly 12pm - 7pm. 

What can we bring? 

The Twist in PWAT is that our studio is BYOB; we allow outside food and beverages for added party fun! 

  • Alcohol limited to beer and wine - hard seltzers are allowed  
  • Not Permitted: Hard Liquor, Champagne, or Shots - No Exceptions
  • Child Private Events are Alcohol Free - No Exceptions 
  • Wine openers and cups are available upon request
  • We do not have ice or fridge storage - coolers are allowed
  • Finger foods, light snacks, cupcakes and drinks are welcome during class time
  • Pizza and/or cake are welcome at the end of class time 

What is the cost to reserve the Private Studio?

Reserving our private event studio is FREE, but we require a minimum number of paid guests to reserve the private event studio: 

  • 10 person paid guest minimum to reserve our private event studio all times except Friday or Saturday pm
  • 15 person paid guests minimum to reserve our private event studio on Friday and Saturday evenings 6pm or later (note: all guests must be 16 or older for this time)
    • Our Private Studio can accommodate up to 24 guests
    • If your group requires more than 24 seats, you may request the Main Studio which requires a minimum of 30 but seats up to 48 guests

Per Person Cost depends on the surface selected: 

Adult Private Events (Cost Per Person): The base price of a 2-hr painting is $40-$50 per person. Price per person is based on the artwork selected. Most art in the gallery is shown on 16x20 canvas

  • 16x20 Canvas ($40) 17.5x17 Sq Wood Board ($50) 10x30 Canvas ($42) 10.5x25 Long Wood Board ($50) 
  • 10.5x47 Porch Leaner ($60) - please specify if you wish have us send the leaner options when we send the artwork selection link
  • NEW: Twisted Candle Add-On ($20) 
    • Enhance your Twist experience by creating an all-natural scented candle before your painting event. Add to your reservation during checkout!
    • Guests must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to class start time to create a candle that will be ready to take home after class. No credit/refund for candle add-ons 
  • Specialty Classes such as Bling or Blacklight have a $5 - $10 upcharge to the base price and may require an extra half hour added to the class. Let us know if you wish to have a specialty class
Child Private Events (Cost Per Person): The base price of a 1.5-hr painting is $35 per person. Child Private Events select a 1.5-hr age appropriate painting but have the full 2-hr slot to allow time for treats and gifts at the end of the session 
  • Specialty Classes such as Bling or Blacklight have a $5 upcharge to the base price and require an extra 30 minutes, therefore utilizing the entire 2hr session. Let us know if you wish to have a specialty class
  • Note: A Child Private Event allows up to 3 non-painting adult chaperones at no charge

What is the Cancellation Policy? 

The Cancellation Policy is effective 14 days prior to your event even with events booked within 14 days of the event
  • Cancelling 15 days or more from your event date has no penalty. 14 days or less, you are responsible to pay the cancellation fee of $350.00
  • Guests follow the usual cancellation policy if the event has exceeded the minimum number of required guests
    • Note:
      48 hours or less notice from class time receives a Twist at Home Kit or studio credit valid for 3 months - based on if the surface has been prepared in advance
  • If for any reason the minimum cannot be met the day prior, the host is still responsible for any remaining seats 
    • Once the minimum is met, we can prepare any seats unattended as a Twist at Home kit(s)
  • We highly recommend telling guests there is a minimum to avoid a misunderstanding - they do not realize the importance of their commitment to attend
  • We never want a misunderstanding - if you are unsure you can meet the minimum, please consider our public class to ensure a fun night without added pressure

Ready to book a Private Event? Let the paint party begin! 

Hosting an Adult Private Event or Child Private Event at PWAT Mason

  1. Booking Process: Host should complete the Book a Party form to begin the process of reserving our Private Event Studio  
    1. Once event date and time are secured, host must sign our Private Event Agreement which includes all studio policies 
    2. Host is billed one seat to secure the event. Host can then select artwork from over 5,000 2hour paintings in our copyrighted art gallery 
    3. Host is responsible for meeting minimum amount of guests required to secure the Private Event Studio (10 guests - unless Fri / Sat after 6pm - 15 guests)
    4. Payment Options for a Private Event: 1) Guest Paid for attendees to pay directly online, or 2) Host Paid and the host pays for all attendees 
    5. Host is provided a Party Management Link to send out invitations, manage guest list, and see registered guests 
  1. Event Day: All guests may arrive up to 30 minutes early to enjoy the 'Happy Half Hour' - time to set up decorations, snacks & beverages, and socialize before painting instruction begins. Class begins and ends promplty on time 
      1. Guests will be lead step-by-step through the painting of their choice by our esteemed artists and assistants; Our staff are engaging, entertaining, and offer a game and/or break halfway through instruction 
      2. Artwork will ready to be taken home with guests at the end of class 

Still have questions? 

We are in the studio weekly 12pm - 7pm to answer your questions!

We look forward to assisting with planning your private event at our Painting With a Twist Mason studio soon! 

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