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North Andover, MA Painting with a Twist Blog

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How does Painting with a Twist work? Painting with a Twist is a local art studio that allows guests to come in and enjoy creating a work of art with the help of our staff. Our classes use acrylic paints, typically on a 16x20 inch canvas and teach the class step by step how to complete the specific painting for the event.   Is Painting with a Twist a good date? Couples painting parties at Painting with a Twist make it easy to enjoy a unique date night. You probably won't remember that Fr ... Read More

  Keeping your mind and body sharp is important throughout our entire lives. While staying physically fit is important for your health, finding a creative outlet keeps your mind strong.  Painting provides a fun, creative activity that sharpens your mind, reduces stress and delivers numerous health benefits. We’ve put together six great benefits of painting that promote mental health and improve overall quality of life. 1. Painting Fosters Creative Growth Many people p ... Read More



Updates on our policy regarding COVID. We continue to be vigilant regarding COVID and the current variants. We also continue to do the following for every event, public and private.   Masks are currently optional at this time. Your choice. We continue to monitor cases and the impacts of variants.   If you come with a group, family, date, friends, etc., we’ll seat you together. Otherwise, we continue to space seats and fill our studio at 50% capacity.   Our BYO food ... Read More

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