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Painting with a Twist FAQ

I've never been here before. How does it work?

  • We are a BYOB art studio. An artist will teach you how to complete a painting of your choice while you snack and sip on your favorite food and drink.

Where are you located?

  • We are located in the Lakeside Market Shopping Center on Preston Road just south of Spring Creek. We are next to Mi Cocina and Taverna Rossa.

What kind of drinks can I bring to class?

  • The choice is yours! Beer, wine, and spirits are welcome, but please drive responsibly or call an Uber! 

Do you provide cups and cork screws?

  • Yes, we provide wine cups, paper plates, napkins and plastic forks/knives/spoons. We also have cork screws, bottle openers and ice buckets, but please bring your own ice and/or cooler.

When are your classes published?

  • The following month's classes are published the 15th of the current month.

Can I pick my own painting?

  • Yes and no. You have the freedom to choose your painting from the options provided on our calendar of events. If you'd like to suggest a painting for a certain day, we are happy to do our best to accommodate your request.

I see age limits on all classes. Are you strict on the age policy?

  •  Monday through Thursday we can make age limit exceptions if the difference is only a couple years. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's age limits are strict.

Do I have to pay for a seat if I'm just there to watch or help my child?

  • You only pay for the seat that is painting. You are more than welcome to stay and help your child if they ask for assistance, but our artists are there providing help as well. 

Do you offer classes offsite (my house, my business, etc)?

  • Yes, we do. We have a minimum headcount required, but please call us for more details. 

What is your refund policy?

  • "No call no show" reservations will not receive any credits or refunds.
  • 72 hour "Email" notice is required for refunds. 24 hour "Email" notice to receive store credit.
  • Custom Paintings, ie. Paint Your Pet/Portrait/House/Open Studio, etc. we will not offer a refund, rather, we will give you a store credit to come back and visit our location.
  • If you cancel a class in which a gift certificate was used for the reservation, we will not re-issue another gift certificate. 
  • Private Parties or VIP group reservations have their own refund policy. Please click on our Party Info page for more information.

What is a VIP Party?

  • This is when you want to bring in your group of friends but you're not able to meet the minimum requirements for a private party. The perk of this is that you can choose your top 3 favorite paintings after you've paid for 6 seats upfront. We will choose the one we think will be general enough for the public. This class will be open to the public after the painting is selected. There are no refunds for any of the seats that are paid for the VIP party. 

How can I redeem a frequent painter's card?

  • We do not honor these cards as of January 1st, 2016 as we have moved to an online version of the program. Click here to register and start earning points today.

Can I make a reservation but pay when I arrive?

  • We are sorry, but no. This prevents customers who are ready to pay from registering for the class.

Do you take walk-ins?

  • You can try, but we cannot guarantee you a seat as we make sure our prepaid guests gets accommodated first. Additionally, it takes extra time to set up for walk-ins. We want to make sure we are adequately prepared before class starts to provide the best experience possible for the folks who have arrived on time or early.
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