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Why book a Painting Party?

Plan a pARTy with your crew! 

Party Packages:

Public Party: 5 Guest Minimum ($200 Flat Fee)

Private Party (Adults): 8 Guest Minimum Mon-Thurs ($320 Flat Fee)/10 Guest Minimum Fri-Sun ($400 Flat Fee)

Kid's Private Events--10 Guest Minimum ($290 Flat Fee)

*We require payment of 3 seats upfront to book any party package. (Offsite events billed differently.)

**All parties are booked on our standard 16 by 20 inch canvas, unless another surface is requested.


Private Lesson (Perfect for small groups.) 1-4 painters @ $55 per painter. Monday-Thursday 11 am-6 pm

KIDS Party Package (AGES 6-12 ONLY) 1.5 hour session, $29 per painter (AGES 13+) $35 per painter

PUBLIC Party Package 2 hour session, @ $40 per painter(MUST BOOK 1 WEEK BEFORE EVENT DATE! Painting selection cannot be scheduled on current month's calendar.)

PRIVATE Party Package 2 hour session $40 per painter. Host is responsible for ensuring the flat fee or minimum number of guests is met.

DELUXE Party Package (Includes Painting and Candle Making)--2 hour session $55 per painter. 

CANDLE Party Package (Includes 2 soy wax candles per guest)--1 hour session @ $30 per painter. Each guest will customize their own soy wax custom scent candles. This is a more free form mix and mingle event. Limited time slots available! 

BLACK LIGHT Party Package- Use our special fluorescent, glow in the dark, black light paint! A portion of your event is painted with the lights out and the black lights turned on! 1.5 hour session @ $35 per painter. 2 hour session @ $45 per painter.  ***Limited time slots available!

PICK YOUR PAINTING Party Package- This option allows each guest to select their painting upon arrival at the studio. Great for groups that all want to paint something different! 2 hour session @ $45 per painter. 3 hour session @ $55 per painter.

MURAL Party Package- Perfect for team building! Each person paints a canvas. When all of the canvases are put together they create a larger image! 2 hour session @ $45 per painter 

OFFSITE Event Party Package- 2 hour session @ $40 per painter. $800 flat fee or 20-person minimum ($400 deposit to book covers 10 seats.) Host is responsible for ensuring flat fee or minimum number of guests is met. Offsite travel fees are calculated at $100 per every 50 guests to cover setup/breakdown costs and travel time. For example, for a 100 person group, the travel fee is $200. This fee includes mileage within a 30 mile radius of the studio. Mileage over the 30 mile radius will be billed at $25 per additional 10 miles (calculating distance to and from the location.) The travel charge will be calculated prior to the event and added to the total balance due. Any discounts offered are not applicable to the travel fee. Once travel has commenced, the offsite fee is non-refundable. 


UPGRADE SURFACE/CANVAS: 10 by 30-inch canvas @ $45 per painter, wood board @ $50 per painter. 

ADD AN HOUR TO YOUR EVENT: 3 hour sessions, choose any canvas/surface option @ $50 per painter.

**Note deposit amount will change according to upgrade, but is equivalent to payment for 3 seats.


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