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Are you ready for the holidays?  How about the gift of relaxation?  We have gift cards (both plastic that can be purchased in studio and printable that you can do from your home).  Your recepient will thank you for the opportunity to come relax and de-stress while they create their own masterpiece.  

How about giving them one of your creations.  Sign up and paint your gifts!  What an awesome idea.  People love getting home made gifts and YOU painting it makes it extra special.

Needing some down time yourself?  Give yourself a gift . . . you need a break - so come in and create your own materpiece that will hang on your wall!

Not ready to socialize within the state and CDC guidlines?  Pick up a kit (or two) to paint at home.  We have so many ways to help you during this holiday.  Check out our website or come in and talk to us.  We would love to help you out!

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