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"Worthwich Wand Making & Wizards Painting"

This will be a 4.5 hours total includes wand making class & 2-hour painting class with 30 minute break in-between. Painting with a Twist has partnered with Worthwich School of Wizardry to bring you a full day of witchCRAFTS & wizardry this January! Join us for a magical time of wizarding fun including a real wood wand making class followed by a special wizard themed painting party! Immerse yourself in the wizarding world with real wood wand making AND magical themed painting designed for ADULTS. Get ready, this is unlike any wand making you've done before. No hot glue, no chopsticks. Just real wood, hand tools, and your own creativity. Craft a wand that is truly YOURS. - - About Worthwich Wand Making - - Learn about the history of wandlore, the magical properties of wand woods and cores, and the importance of combining 4 elements - wood, core, length, and design to create your ideal wand. After a brief lecture you'll get to choose up to 2 different kinds of wood to make your wand (from 10+ varieties provided). Next you'll sand and file your wand to create a completely unique design (no hot glue and chopsticks here). Finally, you'll select a core for your wand. Your core is placed inside your wand's handle in a specially drilled hole. At the end of the workshop we bring all the witches & wizards together for a very special wand dedication ceremony. No one else in the wizards world will have a wand exactly like yours! At Worthwich - the wizard or witch CHOOSES the wand.

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