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Welcome to our online shop where you can take home your fun with Twist at Home. Easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Choose your surface, choose your size, select your paintings (note the name of the painting in your order)

2 - Pickup at our studio in Warrington Plaza 

3 - Take home your DIY kits and twist up some fun.

It's now easier to also add on an easel, more brushes or even an apron! Need to see our gallery for Twist at Home options? Click here: Twist at Home Gallery! Are you visual and prefer to shop the options first, then select your surface, no problem! Click here: DIY Art Kits/Twist at Home

We have so many options to pick from but we try to keep down the clutter as you scroll so if you don't see something you've seen before? Text us to ask if it's available! Artwork with a video instruction complement is labeled and if necessary, some pieces are pre-sketched on your canvas for you. However, no matter which piece you choose, you'll have everything you need to complete memories!  Also, paint should be used within 2 weeks for optimal performance. 

BUNDLE & SAVE: Canvas, Apron & Easel


DATE NIGHT BUNDLE & SAVE: 2 Canvas, Apron & Easel


16x20 Canvas Kit (PWAT Favorite)


5 Kit Party Bundle 16x20 Canvas (inc 1 FREE kit)


9 Kit Party Bundle 16x20 Canvas (inc 1 FREE kit)


11x14 Canvas Kit


2 16x20 Canvas Kits for Set Paintings


2 12x12 Canvas Kits for Set Paintings


9 Kit Party Bundle 10x30 Canvas (inc 1 FREE kit)


16x20 Plank Wood Board Kit


16x18 Shiplap Pallet Kit


12x12 Canvas Kit


24x36 (X-Large) Canvas Kit


10.5x26 Plank Wood Board Kit


10x30 Canvas Kit


10.5x47 Porch Leaner


18" Wood Cutout in Various Shapes






Extra Brush Set


Black Frames for 16x20 Canvas


Brazilian Walnut Frames for 16x20 Canvas


TWIST Branded Stemless Wine Glass


Artwork for Sale - starting at $38


Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

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