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Marcy Moon

Marcy Moon

Marcy Moon grew up in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, moved a couple times and finally moved over to Pensacola to finish her bachelors degree in studio art, with a concentration in painting. In 2010, a Painting with A Twist studio opened in Pensacola, which would provide the perfect job for her personality and abilities. The opportunity to instruct all different types of individuals, most of whom have no confidence in art, turned out to be a unexpected fulfillment she hopes will continue to carry on in her life. She pulls inspiration from her obsessions, whether it be from the geek mythos or classic mythos, and ties them into most of her artwork. Portraiture and the study of the human figure are another obsession of hers, providing her with the excitement and drive of creating a realistic image from brushstrokes and paint. Her first time love is oil paints, but has worked almost exclusively in acrylic for the past 6 years. She is also proficient in pastels, graphite and ink. And has been known to dabble in the digital world here and there. She currently resides in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband, daughter, and a small menagerie of animals. Follow her on all the things: @marcymoonart
Shelby  Crisco

Shelby Crisco

Shelby Crisco is a Florida native and resident. She studied Ceramics at the University of West Florida and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts. After graduating, Shelby ventured to the Amazon Jungle in San Roque De Cambaza, Tarapoto, Peru. Through an artist residency, she spent three months there furthering her exploration of handmade paint pigmentation and excavated clay. She has been teaching classes with Painting with a Twist in Pensacola, Fl for just over 3 years now, and absolutely loves it! Shelby spends her time making pottery, painting, enjoying the outdoors, and hanging with her super cool Boston Terrier, Tink. Currently accepting ceramic, painting, and installation commissions.
Jaime Shevat

Jaime Shevat

Jaime was born in Chandler, Arizona & grew up in Navarre,FL Drawing and painting have always been a creative outlet for her active imagination, but was never sought as a focused career path during her youth. In 2010, Jaime began working as a Floor Artist and then quickly became a beloved stage artist at Painting with a Twist and fell back in love with Art. Since then, she has created many originals for P.W.A.T. and began her journey as an avid Etsy Seller and commission Artist. Jaime draws inspiration from her Southwestern roots, Florida nature, Pop culture, and her personal Muse Vincent van Gogh. She currently resides in Pensacola, Florida where she and her husband raise their daughter, dogs, cats, and chickens. Please visit her FB page to contact her or simply follow her artistic journey!
Katie J

Katie J

Katie Jacobs was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Throughout her childhood she greatly enjoyed using oil, pastels, acrylics, as well as having an interest in pottery. Her most enjoyable areas to paint are landscapes and fantasy. To have the opportunity to help guide someone on their journey-doing something they’ve never done before is always a rewarding feeling, Katie says. When she’s not in the studio she’s usually spending time with her family or at the beach, both of which are her favorite places to be (other than the studio of course)! “This job is humbling, yet invigorating, it keeps me on my toes.” -Katie

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