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Painting with a Twist FAQ

How do I make a reservation?
View our online calendar to find a painting you like. Click on the painting to register. Arrive 10 -15 minutes early. Bring your favorite sips & snacks. Get ready for a great time out!

What food and beverages are allowed?
You may bring anything you like to drink and we recommend finger foods to snack on. We are not allowed to provide anything for human consumption....but please, feel free to bring a small ice chest if you like.

What should I wear?
Our paint is acrylic and will not stain your skin, hair or nails, but it will not come out of fabric if it dries, and it dries quickly!

What does the fee cover?
Everything necessary to finish the featured painting.....the canvas, brushes, paint, easel, aprons and the talented instructor! 

Do I have to paint the featured painting?
You are welcome to explore your creativity and paint anything you like, however, the supplies will be what is needed to complete the feautured painting and the artist and staff will be instructing the featured painting and will not have time to offer individual instruction. 

I'm meeting friends, may we sit together?
Absolutely, just leave notes in the note section of the registration and we will do our best to get everyone together.

Do I need to come with friends or do some folks come alone?
More than half of our guests come by themselves, we are a great place to meet people or to enjoy some "alone" time! Either way, we want you to feel that you are coming to a friend's place....everyone is welcome in our home!

Are children allowed?
We are predominantly an "adult" activity and all of our evening classes are for ages 18+ only.  We do have Family days each month.  Please check out our online calendar for these.  Our studio and our artists are not equipped or designed to provide instruction to children younger than 8 yrs.  We respectfully request your cooperation in abiding by the suggested ages for the children's classes.  Younger children and infants are not allowed. 

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