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Pittsburgh, PA - South Side Painting with a Twist Blog

You know those friendships that can withstand whatever life throws at them? The kind where, no matter how much time has passed since you were last together, you can always pick up exactly where you left off? Friends like those are some of life’s greatest gifts! True friends understand that a hectic schedule (or COVID) doesn’t have to damage your friendship, and maybe you have no problem going months — or even years — without seeing each other. But still, time spent toget ... Read More

Whether you're in a new relationship and looking for a fun activity to do together or in a long-term relationship and wanting to try something new, a couples' painting at #TwistSouthSide is the perfect solution this Valentine's Day! You and your partner can sip on your favorite drink while creating art with the help of a painting pro and bond over your artistic abilities, or lack thereof. You not only get to take home fond memories, but also an original work of art as a keepsake. The Southside i ... Read More

If you’re in the mood for something new and exciting to get you ready for Super Bowl Sunday, look no further. Inspired by the idea of hydrating, nourishing, and amping yourself up for game day, this fruity sangria will transport you to a place between summer and fall where weekends are filled with promise and FOOTBALL! Make everyone happy and whip up a batch of this creamsicle-inspired Sangria with a sweet and tangy fusion of summer and fall fruits. It’s perfect to satiate any palate ... Read More

Art Spotlights

It's Painted in the Stars

  Check out some of our ever-popular, upcoming, galaxy-themed paintings!   Galactic Winter Night   Galactic Forest   Winter Glow Snowman   A Galactic Diva

Art Spotlights

Paintings for Capricorns

  Because Capricorns are known to be patient, hardworking, disciplined, tenacious, and focused, they would be a great fit for our three-hour sessions with more-detailed paintings. Here are a few coming up by January 21st. Maybe they could be the perfect birthday celebration!   Wintry Night   Gateway to Pittsburgh   Purple Mountain Majesty  

Artist Profiles

Spotlight on Kayla McGeary

Kayla is probably Twist South Side's most classically-trained artist, and she is extremely talented, proficient in many mediums. You might have had her as an instructor or seen her paintings throughout the studio, but here is a sampling of her personal artwork. Would you like your own Kayla masterpiece? She is available for commissions!  

December 20th is National Sangria Day, and we have a classic recipe to lift your holiday spirit. Introducing, Holiday Cheer Sangria. This white wine version is fresh and crisp, just like the weather. For those who favor spicy reds, substitute with your favorite cabernet and garnish with a cinnamon stick for a wintry cocktail that’ll warm your heart. For a tarter take, use a beautifully pink-hued White Zinfandel with a few orange slices as a garnish for a jammy and sweet Sangria. &n ... Read More

You've trimmed the tree, strung the lights, and hung the garland, but is something still missing? Check out just some of our colorful holiday paintings scheduled for this week that you can bring home to fill every space with cheer.   Christmas Sings - Joy   Ethereal Christmas Tree   Merry and Bright

We still have plenty of December availability, and we'd love to host your party! Call the studio (412-488-7928) to reserve your date and time, then pick your painting and invite your guests to register. It's that easy. Let us do all of the work - no set up, no clean up, just show up!  

Are you having trouble getting everyone together for the holidays? With COVID restrictions, it can be difficult to expect people over, but that doesn't mean you can't share in the seasonal camaraderie! Virtual events are an awesome alternative to gathering in-person. Twist South Side not only offers Twist at Home kits to help you facilitate your own paint party, but also Virtual LIVE Events. We'd love to help you celebrate this season!  

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