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The Pennsylvania Department of Health acting Secretary, Alison Beam, announced that the state's mask order reflects the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   According to the new guidance, fully-vaccinated people can stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and inside in most situations.   The Department of Health says the masking requirement is still in effect for unvaccinated individuals until 70% of Pennsylvanians age 18 and older are fully vaccin ... Read More

Deciding what to get mom for Mother’s Day can be extremely tricky. Should you buy her a gift? Make her something? Give her the gift of quality time? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, and Twist South Side can help in all of these departments!   For Moms Who Cherish Quality Time: Coordinate a Painting Session One of the most valuable gifts moms can receive is time with her kids. From little ones in diapers to adult children who have lives of their own, moms lov ... Read More

Spring is the perfect time of year to purge your old decor and give your home a new look! From fresh flowers and spring-themed scented candles to seasonal artwork, you can truly make your space come alive with refreshing, springtime energy. Check out these springtime paintings that are sure to give your house a warm-weather makeover.   A Pretty Pink Bouquet   Sunny Bouquet   Lucid Lake in Spring   and many more on our April calendar.

  It's Women's History Month 2021. The month-long celebration is a chance to acknowledge women’s contributions to history, culture, and society and has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. From Abigail Adams to Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth to Rosa Parks, women have been at the forefront of history-making moments in the United States.   The National Women’s History Alliance selects and publishes a yearly theme for Women's Hi ... Read More

Artist Profiles

Spotlight on Jenny Kammerer

Jenny is one of Twist South Side's incredibly talented artists. She specializes in a variety of traditional mediums, as well as digital art. If you haven't noticed yet, Jenny is a horse-lover (shout out to Gibson and the Apocalypse, which can be found on and has even worn her riding outfit to teach class. Speaking of which, she would definitely be voted the studio's "Most Likely to Dress Up" for any occasion, be it holidays or themed paintings. Here is just a sampling of he ... Read More

You know those friendships that can withstand whatever life throws at them? The kind where, no matter how much time has passed since you were last together, you can always pick up exactly where you left off? Friends like those are some of life’s greatest gifts! True friends understand that a hectic schedule (or COVID) doesn’t have to damage your friendship, and maybe you have no problem going months — or even years — without seeing each other. But still, time spent toget ... Read More

Whether you're in a new relationship and looking for a fun activity to do together or in a long-term relationship and wanting to try something new, a couples' painting at #TwistSouthSide is the perfect solution this Valentine's Day! You and your partner can sip on your favorite drink while creating art with the help of a painting pro and bond over your artistic abilities, or lack thereof. You not only get to take home fond memories, but also an original work of art as a keepsake. The Southside i ... Read More

If you’re in the mood for something new and exciting to get you ready for Super Bowl Sunday, look no further. Inspired by the idea of hydrating, nourishing, and amping yourself up for game day, this fruity sangria will transport you to a place between summer and fall where weekends are filled with promise and FOOTBALL! Make everyone happy and whip up a batch of this creamsicle-inspired Sangria with a sweet and tangy fusion of summer and fall fruits. It’s perfect to satiate any palate ... Read More

Art Spotlights

It's Painted in the Stars

  Check out some of our ever-popular, upcoming, galaxy-themed paintings!   Galactic Winter Night   Galactic Forest   Winter Glow Snowman   A Galactic Diva

Art Spotlights

Paintings for Capricorns

  Because Capricorns are known to be patient, hardworking, disciplined, tenacious, and focused, they would be a great fit for our three-hour sessions with more-detailed paintings. Here are a few coming up by January 21st. Maybe they could be the perfect birthday celebration!   Wintry Night   Gateway to Pittsburgh   Purple Mountain Majesty  

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