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Why book a Painting Party?

We do the work, and you have the fun!

Why book a party?

  1. You get to choose the painting.
  2. You have your very own artist providing step-by-step instruction.
  3. No set up, no clean up, just show up!
  4. The room is yours 20 minutes before and after the scheduled class free of charge.
  5. You can bring any drink (alcohol permitted) and light food that you’d like.

What kind of parties can I host?

  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Baby showers
  • Church groups
  • Corporate team building
  • Family reunions
  • Field trips
  • Girls' night out
  • Graduation parties
  • Holiday/Seasonal parties
  • Office parties
  • Organization parties (Scouts, Sororities, Book Clubs, etc.)
  • Retirement parties
  • Absolutely any reason you can think of to get together with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors!
When can I have a party? 

You can have a party any day, morning to night, subject to artist and studio availability. (Please no children's parties in the evenings.)

How do I schedule my party?

You can fill out a party request form or contact our studio at 412-488-PWAT (7928) /

How far in advance do I need to schedule my party?

The sooner, the better! It's never too early to book a party, but we can also try to organize something "last minute" if we have the availability.

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

We require a minimum of 12 guest for every day except Friday nights. Friday nights are on a case-by-case basis. Can't meet this minimum requirement? No problem! We have a special V.I.P. (Very Important Painters) Room for groups of 7 or more. You can party in this private area, but you'll come out and paint in our public class.

Is there a deposit and how do I pay for my party?

The party “host/hostess” will use a credit card to reserve the desired date and time. The non-refundable deposit gets applied to your party and is NOT an additional cost. A private passcode and sign up link will be provided for individual guest registrations. (This link will also enable you to select your artwork.)

There is a 14-day cancelation notice required (even for parties booked less than 14 days away). If less than a 14-day cancelation notice is given, you will be charged for the minimum number of guests at the scheduled class rate.  Should your party not meet the minimum number of guests required; the credit card will be charged for the difference.

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