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Sip, Paint, and Celebrate: 10 Holiday Cocktails to Spice Up Your Season

'Tis the season for merriment and joy, and what better way to celebrate than with festive cocktails that bring a burst of flavor to your holiday gatherings? We've curated a list of 10 delectable holiday cocktails that are sure to spice up your holidays. And for an extra dose of creativity, consider joining us at Twist South Side for a Pop In and Paint or one of our instructor-led paint and sip classes. Bring along one of these top 10 holiday cocktails, and let the festivities begin!

Cranberry Mule Delight: Start your holiday celebration with a twist on the classic Moscow Mule. Mix vodka, ginger beer, and cranberry juice for a refreshing and festive kick.


Spiced Apple Cider Sangria: Combine the warmth of spiced apple cider with the fruity goodness of sangria. Add sliced apples, oranges, and a hint of cinnamon for a delightful holiday treat.


Peppermint White Russian: Indulge in the sweet and minty flavors of a Peppermint White Russian. Combine vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream, then add a splash of peppermint schnapps for a holiday-inspired twist.


Gingerbread Martini: Capture the essence of the season with a Gingerbread Martini. Mix vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and a touch of gingerbread syrup for a deliciously spiced cocktail.


Winter Wonderland Punch: Create a magical Winter Wonderland Punch by blending white cranberry juice, sparkling wine, and a medley of winter berries. Add a sprig of rosemary for a festive touch.


Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour: Elevate the classic Whiskey Sour by infusing it with the warmth of cinnamon and the sweetness of maple syrup. A perfect blend for a cozy holiday evening.


Pomegranate Rosemary Sparkler: Add a touch of sophistication to your celebrations with a Pomegranate Rosemary Sparkler. Combine pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and a sprig of fresh rosemary for a visually stunning and tasty cocktail.


Caramel Apple Mimosas: Put a twist on the traditional mimosa by adding the flavors of caramel and apple. Sparkling wine, apple cider, and a drizzle of caramel make for a delightful and festive drink.


Eggnog Old Fashioned: Give the classic Old Fashioned a holiday spin by incorporating rich and creamy eggnog. A dash of nutmeg on top adds the perfect finishing touch.


Cranberry Basil Sparkler: Refresh your palate with a Cranberry Basil Sparkler. Mix cranberry juice, sparkling water, and fresh basil for a light and festive cocktail.


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