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Shelby Township, MI Painting with a Twist Blog

Your dog might be a good boy, but are you? Could you be better? We have the perfect Good Noodle Opportunity for you. We're hosting two special Paint Your Pet events on Sunday, September 11th and September 25th...and proceeds will benefit the Dogtopia Foundation! If you haven't heard of those guys, they're an awesome doggy daycare and boarding service that contribute to programs like Service Dogs for Veterans. Be the hero your dog thinks you are. Come on over, pay homage to your fuzzy friend, and ... Read More

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It's Been a While.

We meet again. Did you really think you could dispose of me so easily? Think again. Besides, we have some news that'll pique your interest. Our September calendar is up. You know what that means? Fall aesthetics. The pumpkin spice spirit is in the air, people. Apple cider, Pinterest board manifestations, charmingly creepy movies, hot beverages topped with whipped cream, the works. We're getting a jump on all the fun Fall festivities. Cruise our September calendar and start booking your seats for ... Read More

Country fivin', hip hop hip. Guys, gals, roosters and chicks: you can POP IN AND PAINT anytime between 12 and 4PM on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays—ALL SUMMER LONG! An artist will be chillin' in the studio for instruction and support. You can paint whatever you want, however you want! At this point in the summer, you're probably tired of watching your kids  park themselves on your couch, and stare at the phone you pay for. Pop in and Paint is a fantastic way to get their creative ... Read More

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I Am Very Single

"I'm single! Who are you? Are you single too? Then there's a pair of us—don't tell! They'd laugh at us, you know." If you paid attention in English class, you would have found that extremely clever and witty. If you didn't, you just highlighted why I am still single. If you are NOT single, however, we have just the thing for you. Join us for a Late Night Date Night event this summer! We host the darned things all the time. They're perfect for first dates, second dates, four-hundred-and-for ... Read More


Come to my Garage Sale

Remember that scene in Hell's Kitchen where Josh kept uncontrollably cooking massive amounts of pasta? And Gordon Ramsay was absolutely beyond himself with confusion and rage? That's kinda where we're at with our paintings. They're taking over the studio. They're creeping in our windows. They're threatening to stage a coup. That's why we're SELLING them at an unbeatable price! These bad boys are Michigan-made by our own artists, with love. We're having a BOGO 1/2 off flash sale—adult paint ... Read More

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I Need Attention

I need attention. Nothing is specifically wrong, but I need you to acknowledge the fact that we are now hosting Paint Your Pet and Paint Pour events bimonthly. Twice a month. Every other Sunday. Seriously, how could you pass that up? You can literally PAINT your PET. And it will look GOOD. And Paint Pours! My good gravy, each portrait looks like the edgy Pinterest photography that everyone either reposts or mimics. Now I'm getting emotional. I'm not. I'm fine. Sign up for one of these badboys th ... Read More

"There's 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end itttt..." Really hoping you recognized that reference. Regardless, school's ALMOST out for summer! We know most kiddos won't be channeling their inner Phineas and Ferb during their vacation—these young whipper snappers and their gosh darn phones. While our artists can't show your kids how to construct a backyard rollercoaster, they CAN engage their creative sides at our KIDS' CAMPS! Register your kiddos today for one ... Read More

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Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.

"'Twas Father's Day morning, and all through the garage, your dad was chilling his beer, and changing the oil in his Dodge." Father's Day is right around the corner. Force your dad to be spontaneous and creative this year—after all, he can go golfing any weekend. We're hosting an overflowing tool box's worth of Dad-centric events on June 19th. Make it a family day. A Daddy-Daughter Dance. A Father-Son Fun Run. Show your dad how much you love his corny jokes, and sign up for a Father's Day ... Read More

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Don't Be a Beach.

Summer's almost here, ladies and gentlemen! Do you remember those pretentious artists in movies that set up entire art studios on the beach? That could be YOU! We're kidding. But seriously, order an at-home paint kit! Paint, sip, and party YOUR way on your OWN terf! Obviously, we'll supply the paint, and you'll supply the sip. We'll hook you up with everything you'll need—canvases, paints, brushes, video instructions, confidence, the works! Our DIY kits make uniquely awesome birthday gift ... Read More


Opening Soon!

Are you ready for a great time?  The Shelby Township Painting with a Twist will be open again soon!!!   Check out our calendar for upcoming events in August in our newly refreshed studio.  There are so many choices for a fun, stress free step-by-step paint class.  Join us for an open paint night, girls night out, date night, paint pour, family painting events, children’s painting class, paint your pet, take home kits, team building, private events, holiday parties and ... Read More

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