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Painting with a Twist FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the prices for a class? 
A: Here is a list of available products and their respective prices:

·   16" x 20" Canvas, Adult 2-Hour - $38

·   12" x 12" Canvas, Adult 2-hour - $38

·  10" x 30" Canvas, Adult 2-hour - $40

·   8" x 24" MDF Wooden Board, Adult 2-hour - $38

·  10.5" x 26" Natural Pine Board, Adult 2-hour - $45

·   17.5" x 17" Natural Pine Board, Adult 2-hour - $45

·   18" x 18" Shiplap Wooden Pallet, Adult 2-hour - $38

·   Michigan Shape, Adult 2-hour - $40

·   6" Wooden Cutouts, set of 3, Adult 2-hour - $36

·   "Signs of..."  8"x 24" MDF Wooden Board w/one 6" cutout, Adult 2-hour - $40

·   Custom Art (Paint Your Pet), Adult 3-hour - $60

·    Porch Leaner $60

·   16" x 20" or 11" x 14" Youth Events $28 (Intended for children 12 and younger. 50% of party must consist of youths in that age range for youth price)

·   Twist at Home kits starting at  $37- for single painting kits (including everything you need to Twist at Home!)

Q:  Do I need to be a good artist?

A:  No!  We will provide step by step instruction that anybody can follow.

Q: Do you have Gift Cards?
A: Yes! They can be purchased on our website or in the studio. They may be used for any event other than a fundraiser, and never expire!

Q: When do you post a new monthly schedule? 
A: The calendar is posted by the 1st of every month for the following month.

Q: How soon should I register for a class?
A: If you see a class you are interested in, it’s best to register asap. Some classes have been known to sell out quickly, while others get changed if no one has registered for it.

Q: What kind of paint do you use? 
A: We use student grade acrylic paint which is water based paint. It dries quickly and cleans up easily with water. It does not, however, come out of clothing once it has dried.

Q: Will my painting be dry by the end of the night? 
A: Yes, if there are a few damp places we will have hair dryers which will dry them quickly.

Q: At what time should I arrive for class? 
A: 15 minutes would be plenty of lead time, but you may arrive up to 30 minutes early. Consider this your Happy Half Hour! 

Q: Do you do reserved seating? 
A: Yes! For public classes we assign seating! All guests must reserve in advance and make a seating request using one name to create a seating group!

Q: Will you have wine openers and cups? 
A: Yes, we have wine openers and cups. We can open your wine for you! See our Alcohol Policy below! We will also re-cork your bottle if you have wine left over so you can legally transport it home. No charge for this service.

Q: Since it is around dinner, can we bring food? 
A: Yes, feel free to bring whatever food you'd like to enjoy during class.  We have light snacks available for sale.

Q: What do I wear? 
A: Whatever is comfortable, and you don't mind if a little paint gets on it. We will have aprons for you if you need them.

Q: Do I need a reservation? 
A: Yes, all guests must reserve in advance with payment. We cannot accommodate observers or infants in any class. 

All payments for online reservations are processed at the time the reservation is made. Please check with your individual location for policies requiring payment at the time the reservation is made if reserving via telephone or in the studio.

Q: Do you do private parties? 
A: Yes! We can accommodate up to 54 people in our large studio and up to 32 people in our smaller studios.

Q: What size is the canvas? 
A: We have a variety of canvas sizes and substrates to paint on.  The most common is 16"x20".  We also have 10"x30", 12"x12", and 24"x36" in canvas.  In addition to canvases, we have wood and shiplap options!

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Yes, the age limit is 18 years old to attend any event that ends after 6:00pm. Ages 12-17 can attend with an adult before 6pm if the class description permits. Please be sure to read each class description. If you are under 18 years old you will have to be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise stated. Please note that it is the law that you have to be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages. 

Q: Can children under 12 years old paint?
A: Yes. Family Day and For the Kids classes are offered occasionally. Please check our calendar for Family Friendly events. Please read each class description for age requirements. We recommend ages 7 and older. Private Parties are also another avenue to accommodate younger children. Again, please know that adult supervision is always required.

Q: Can I get a refund or return my Twist at Home Kit?
A: All kits are final sales.  You may request to change your painting choice if done before you receive your “Ready for Pickup” email.  

Q: What if I have to cancel my reservation? 
A: If you must cancel, kindly give us at least a 2 hour notice before class.  A full store credit (good for 3 months) or refund is available but is subject to a $5 cancellation fee.  Less than 2 hours before class begins and No Shows will not receive any refund or store credit. Cancellations must be made by the reserving party. After office hours please leave a message at 586.488.1983 or email us at

Q: What happens if class minimums aren't met?
A: We require a minimum of 6 paid guests to run a class.  We will reach out to you one to two days before your scheduled event to give you a heads up.  We will keep the event live until four hours before your scheduled event since many attendees are so last minute.  If no one else registers by that time, we will contact you and refund your seat deposit in the manner it was made, issue a store credit or transfer you to a new event.

Q: What is your alcohol policy?
A: We are a licensed establishment with beer and wine for sale. Michigan Liquor Laws state that no alcohol may be brought onto the premises with the exception of full size sealed cork-able bottles of wine by a licensed producer. This means no minis, boxed wine, homemade wine or champagne (not cork-able). By the law, we have to open all of the wine you bring in, and if you don't finish it we will re-cork and doggy bag it to take home. We do not charge a corking fee!

Q: What beverages do you have for sale?
A: Non Alcoholic Beverages: Water, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite

Beer: Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Sam Adams Boston Lager, and a variety of IPA's

White Wine: Full Size Bottles- Barefoot Moscato, Pink Moscato or Pinot Grigio

Mini Bottle- Moscato or Pink Moscato

Red Wine: Full Size Bottles- Canyon Road Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Cabernet

Mini bottles: Barefoot Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Cabernet 

Other Beverages: Angry Orchard Hard Cider, White Claw, High Noon, Rum Chata, Bailey's Irish Cream, and other seasonal offerings

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