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Colorful Cocktails: Smokey Witches Brew

Introducing, the Smokey Witches Brew: Pop. Clink. Fizz. Plop. Then, watch as the tendrils of smoke curl over the lip of your goblet.

Halloween is right around the corner and the time for serving up spooky cocktails is slowly running out. If you’re looking for the perfectly simple, yet perfectly delicious cocktail to make this Halloween, then look no further! A mimosa crafted to look like a magic potion is the answer. It’s ideal for the person who plans ahead AND for the person who waits until the day before Halloween to pick out a costume and cocktail sipper. Keep it simple, we say. The easier, the better. Luckily, a goblet full of Smokey Witches Brew is only a twisted version of the classically favored Mimosa! Adding a lump of dry ice is the most important ingredient. Use a pair of tongs(never touch dry ice with your bare hands!) to plop the dry ice cube into your colorful cocktail and watch it bubble over with spooky swirls of smoke. Not a fan of the classic Mimosa? Add any juice you want.  A lemon-lime soda could be a nice addition, too.

This recipe uses sparkling apple juice as a substitute for champagne to make it a fun and kid-friendly refreshment. Flavor possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your Smokey Witches Brew colorful cocktail. Country Living breaks down 29 fruity recipes inspired by the mimosa – All of which would work delightfully well to create the same smoldering cocktail that is creative and creepy enough to impress anyone. Happy Halloween, Twisters!


Colorful Cocktails: Smokey Witches Brew


  • Dry Ice
  • Handful of Frozen Raspberries
  • 1/2 cup of Prosecco
  • Splash of Orange Juice


  • Pour ½ cup Prosecco into a goblet.
  • Splash with orange juice.
  • Drop in a handful of frozen raspberries.
  • Using tongs or a fork, carefully insert one small piece of dry ice.**

**Caution your guests not to drink the dry ice cubes.  Read Betty Crocker’s advice when it comes to using dry ice in Halloween cocktails.

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