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Plan a Holiday Party Like the Employee of the Year

Just another holiday obligation. An awkward gathering with your coworkers. A conference room with deli trays and streamers.

Is that really how you want to think of your company holiday party? Of course not! Plan a company party that everyone will want to attend, from Connie in Accounting to Dale in Logistics. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step plan for how to put together the best company Christmas party—one that’s full of fun and overflowing with memories.

How to Plan a Company Holiday Party Everyone Will Love

1. Choose a location (that’s NOT your office!).

The best company holiday party ideas start with one vital element: location! Yes, it’s convenient to use a room in your office space, but you already spend all day, every day there! Celebrate the season with a company holiday party that’s separate from your office or workplace. Heading to a local restaurant, event space, or even someone’s home (depending on your company size) can create a more relaxed environment and encourage colleagues to enjoy themselves. If possible, keep the party close to the office so that your coworkers don’t have to make a long drive after their workday.

2. Make it an after-hours company party.

When choosing a time to host your company holiday party, it’s best to choose a time that’s after work. Why? Well, think of it this way: if you’re celebrating mid-day, are you going to have the best possible time if you’re thinking about the work you have to go back to afterward? Choose an early evening time, and be sure to provide enough food so your party-goers aren’t hungry (especially if your party falls during a mealtime).

3. Plan an awesome holiday party activity.

Bingo is okay, but isn’t it time to up the ante on company holiday party ideas this year? Choose an activity where everyone can be actively engaged and participating… like a company paint party! At Painting with a Twist, you can bring your own beverages and festive, Pinterest-worthy snacks to enjoy while you try something new. Even those who aren’t “artistic” will be able to enjoy step-by-step painting instructions and genuine conversation with their coworkers.

4. Talk it up.

If you, the host, are excited about your upcoming company holiday party, let it show! Tell people all about the new experience they’ll have at your paint party, and entice them with the delicious snacks and wine you’re bringing for them to enjoy. Share your enthusiasm with your colleagues and paint a picture of the memories the night will hold to get them excited.

5. Enjoy the party!

Instead of making your company holiday party just another event to cram on the calendar, make it something to remember—for you AND your colleagues! With a paint party at Painting with a Twist, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level (which can totally boost office morale). You’re creating a great time for everyone, and you’re making the office a friendlier environment. Essentially, you’ll look like a total rock star to your colleagues and superiors alike!

Need New Company Holiday Party Ideas? Try a Paint Party

Paint, drink, and be merry! Trust us—there won’t be any awkward lulls or forced merriment at your company Christmas party when it’s hosted at Painting with a Twist. Find a studio near you and book a company paint party today!

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