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Why Wood Board Paintings Make Great Holiday Gifts

What makes the best gift? Is it the most expensive one? The one that takes the most effort to find? Well, we think the best holiday gift is one that comes from the heart and speaks to the special relationship you share with the recipient. If you’re looking for that kind of gift, a one-of-a-kind wood board painting can be a perfect idea. Whether you want to paint a unique wood board for a loved one or give them a gift card to make a DIY wood board themselves, read on to learn more about one of the best holiday gifts you can give.

Why Is a Wood Board Painting the Best Holiday Gift?

Sure, you could head to the mall and shop for something to give a friend or loved one. But, do you really want to face those holiday shopping crowds only to leave with a gift that everyone else is buying, too? At Painting with a Twist, you won’t find just any old gift—you’ll create something unique!

Before you go crazy trying to find DIY wood board painting instructions (and buying all the supplies), check out our calendar to see which wood pallet painting events are happening near you! Sign up for one that works with your schedule and your preferences, or purchase a gift card for your artsy loved one to schedule their own wood board painting event!

  • A wood board painting is fully customizable. A Painting with a Twist artist can guide you through the steps to create a piece of art you’ll be proud of, but remember: YOU’RE the one holding the brush! If you want to add a unique detail that your gift recipient will appreciate, you can! Let your creativity run wild.
  • Farmhouse chic is so in right now! Your wood board painting’s simple but rustic style will serve as a stylish reminder of how much you care about them. The gift recipient will think of your thoughtfulness every time they walk into their kitchen (or wherever they hang your masterpiece).
  • Memories together are always the best holiday gifts! When you give a Painting with a Twist gift card as a holiday gift, you’re giving your loved one so much more than an item you bought. You’re giving them the gift of quality time! Plus, you can come in together to create wood board signs and memories. You can even swap paintings at the end!
  • You and yours can make the experience your own. At Painting with a Twist, we want to channel your creativity. That’s why we let you choose if you want to paint on canvas or wood board. If you give a loved one the gift of a paint party, you can each paint on whatever material you like the most—and still enjoy the experience sitting side by side. You won’t find any of that on a store shelf!

Find DIY Wood Signs and Wood Cutouts to Paint for Holiday Gifts

“You better not pout, I’m telling you why…” Don’t let holiday gift shopping get you down. Painting with a Twist is here to help you give the best holiday gift imaginable. Give the gift of laughter and memories with a paint party gift card for your loved one, or paint them a DIY sign they can admire for years to come. Reserve a seat at a painting studio near you today!

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