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6 Ways to Try More New Things in the New Year

Every year, you say the same thing: “New year, new me!” It’s so easy to settle back into your normal routine once the holidays are over… but why would you want to? New experiences help you meet new people, learn about yourself, and expose you to talents you never knew you had! So, where to start? With these six tips, you can learn quick and easy ways to incorporate new things into your everyday life.

New Year Resolutions

Think back on the hobbies you loved as a child and run with them!

It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut as an adult. We spend our time at work, caring for our families, and, typically, doing the same two or three things for fun. If you’re at a loss about how to try new things, all you need to do is rewind! If you were a bookworm as a child, join a book club. If you loved sports back in the day, why not find a local team to play with? Sometimes, as we grow older, we let our passions fall by the wayside. Make a list of everything you enjoyed doing when you were younger, and brainstorm ways to incorporate those things back into your life.

Set a goal to do at least one new thing every single week.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution to try new things get pushed to the backburner. Make it a goal to try something new every week, whether it’s something small, like trying a new cuisine, or something big, like getting out of town to go camping for the first time. This will give you something to look forward to every week, and you’ll have to start getting creative to keep your streak going! Plus, the benefits of trying new things will continue to roll in, like making unforgettable memories and discovering hidden talents.

Enlist your friends’ and family’s help.

One big reason why you should try new things? Because it’s an excellent opportunity to bond with the people you love most! Everything is much more fun when you’re doing it with friends and family, including learning or experiencing something totally new. Drag your friends to a cooking class, or sign them up to run a 5K with you. They can return the favor by introducing you to some of their interests and pastimes. Has your favorite co-worker been begging you to hit the town on a Saturday night, or join her for a morning hike? Now is the perfect time to accept!

Consider traits you’d like to improve or develop in yourself.

What is your reason for wanting to try something new? Do you want to be more spontaneous, more fit, more crafty, more social? By pinpointing your motivation, you can also start to pinpoint the activities that will be most fulfilling for you! If you want to get healthier, have fun trying things like kickboxing or Crossfit. If you’re hoping to be more crafty and more social, a wine and painting night at your local Painting with a Twist has your name all over it.

Ditch any limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

Embrace being a beginner and, to put it bluntly, embrace being bad at something. Everyone starts from square one when they’re trying something new. Serena Williams wasn’t a star the moment she picked up a tennis racquet. Once upon a time, Jimi Hendrix didn’t know how to play a single song on the guitar. Once you finally embrace the idea of leaving your comfort zone and potentially being mediocre at something, you’ll be more willing to pursue new and exciting things. Just get out there, be open-minded, try things, laugh at yourself, and have a blast doing it all!

Just say, “yes.”

One of the easiest ways to try new things is to stop saying “no.” Stop turning down invitations that come your way, and stop saying “no” to that voice in your head says, “That sort of sounds like fun.” Sure, sometimes Netflix and takeout feels easier than putting yourself out there in a new environment, but where’s the satisfaction in that? Get in the habit of saying “heck yes” to the opportunities that come your way.

The ball is in your court. What new thing will you try today? Make it Painting with a Twist! Find a painting studio near you, and reserve a seat today!

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