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Simple Dating Tips for New and Long-Term Relationships

After 12 cups of coffee in two days, you finally had enough courage (and caffeine!) to ask out that barista behind the counter. Or maybe you and your partner have been going strong for 12,000 cups of coffee. Wherever you are in your relationship, you never have to stop dating each other! Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, here are some simple dating tips to help keep the spark alive.

Dating Tips for New Relationships

Go places where you can talk.

Movies and loud concerts can be a fun way to spend time together. But it’s also important to make time to converse and get to know each other. Instead of sitting silently in the theater or screaming over music, plan a date night where you can talk, ask questions, and grow your blossoming relationship.

Find activities to do together.

Getting dinner and drinks may be a classic first date routine, but why not mix it up? Instead of going to a restaurant or bar, plan a date centered around an activity. Take a couples painting class at Painting with a Twist and bond over your artistic abilities – or lack thereof! Get a little competitive with a few rounds of mini-golf. Head to a local hiking trail and break a sweat while you chat. You might get to see a whole new side of your date!

Ask questions and show interest.

One of the best date night tips to get the conversation going is to show interest! No matter where you go on your date, ask plenty of questions so you can get to know your date. Listen to their answers and engage in whatever topics come up. While it’s good to offer information about yourself, focus on them as much as you can. You can always brainstorm a few questions to ask them ahead of time!

Ditch the distractions.

It might seem like a no-brainer to not be on your phone during a date, but it’s easy to pick up your phone when you’re having a slightly awkward, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” moment. To avoid even appearing like you’re not fully present, turn off your phone and tuck it away for your date. Being fully present goes a long way.

Long Term Relationship Tips

Prioritize regular date nights.

Life gets busy, and it’s easy to put dates on the back burner when you’ve gotten into a comfortable groove. After a long day, why wouldn’t you want to hang out and watch TV in your sweatpants with your partner? However, a date night can help break up the same old routine in your relationship. They offer the chance to communicate, rekindle the spark, let loose, and focus on each other. Try these date night ideas to rekindle the flame in your long-term relationship.

Try something new together at least once a month!

If you’ve ever complained about feeling “bored” in your long-term relationship, then spice things up by trying something new together! Sign up for a Painting with a Twist event, where you and your partner can sip on your favorite drink while creating art with guidance from a painting pro. If you’re a brave pair, try an adrenaline rush like a high ropes course or rock climbing.

Little surprises go a long way.

You don’t need to surprise your loved one with round-trip tickets to an exotic destination to make their day. Small surprises can mean just as much, if not more! Greet them with their favorite dessert or surprise them by planning a unique date, and you’ll remind them how much you care.

Forget the old dinner and a movie routine and share an experience you will both remember! Reserve your seats at a Painting with a Twist painting event and take home fond date-night memories and an original work of art as a date night keepsake.

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